To be a role model is not going around telling someone how to do things or how you do them. Being a positive parenting role model means living it on most days. It's not about being perfect but about being consistent.

Positive parentingCredit:; By phaewilk

Be Positive

Being positive is one of the most important points as a parent. Being negative or sarcastic can help build resentment between you and your child. This is like a road block to communication.

Be mature

As adults we are not always mature, but consistency is the key. We are trying to teach our children to grow up and be mature, so as adults we have to deal with our children in a mature manner.

Be compassionate

While our children go through many things, we shouldn't brush off any of their situations they go through as trivial or unimportant. Treat your children compassionately as they are growing up so they will learn compassion from you as well. This is part of being an example.

Be in control of your emotions

Being a positive role model means being in control of your emotions. It means sometimes even when your angry, outraged, or mad at your child, you have control over how you react about situations.

Be Consistent

I can never stress this enough but being consistent is one of the most important things. This shows our track record as a parent. This will be our track record for our kids, and when they need us, they will depend on us. It will build trust between you and your kids.

Be Calm

Remaining calm is not an easy chore to do. There are times you will not be able to be calm, but again consistency is the key. Learning to remain calm and not blowing up at your kids, will keep communication open.


Being Patient

Being patient as a parent is extremely important. As they grow older, its especially important to be patient as they choose and make their own decisions. It's really hard sometimes as you watch your kids make mistakes. You wish you could just make the decision for them. It's better to be patient with them and let them be. Being a positive parenting role model is never easy.


As parents, we cannot be all of these things all of the time. We make mistakes because we are human, and we know that there are times we will say we're sorry for the mistakes we have made. The important thing is that we can admit our mistakes, ask forgiveness and move on.