If you are planning a party where alcohol is being served it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your guest. If you are thinking about having a large party because it sounds like so much fun,  think again. While it might be fun for your guest, if you are doing your job and being a responsible host, it might not be such a fun job.

Encourage responsible drinking at your party.Credit: Self

When making your guest list, you should not include people who might ruin fun for others or have caused problems in the past at other parties. If possible have all guest approved. Know your guest and the people they might want to bring.

It might be beneficial to have sober person on hand for driving people who are intoxicated home. If necessary, collect the keys of your guest before the drinking begins. It might be a good idea to mark the keys with the owners name. Please let your guest know ahead of time that drinking and driving will not be tolerated. If you have room, offer them a place to stay. If not, offer a safe ride home. If they know ahead of time they will be drinking, it would be best if they arrive at your party by other methods than driving. They should have someone drop them off or take a cab.

During the party you should monitor guest to see their condition. You yourself should stay sober this way you can better handle or recognize a problem. If someone seems to be getting to intoxicated slow done their drinking by using creative ways. One of the worst things you can do is tell someone who is drunk that they've had to much to drink. Tell them that you need their help doing something and make it something that will keep their hands busy.

If you can afford it, you might consider hiring a bartender, or have a friend do it for you. This is a way of controlling what people drink.

Make sure you keep plenty of food around and encourage people to eat. This slows down the rate to which alcohol is absorbed. Do not offer drinks with lots of caffeine such as energy drinks. I know there is a trend with drinking alcohol and energy drinks but this is not safe. It speeds up the absorption of alcohol.

Keep non-alcohol drinks on hand for non-drinkers and if there is going to be minors at your party.

If children will be there you need a responsible adult to provide supervision and entertainment. The last thing you need is a drunken minor or a smashed adult influencing a child into some crazy dare or something worst. If you are not planning on having children at your party please tell your guest ahead of time that it is strictly an adult party. Don't worry about hurting someone's feelings because any responsible parent wouldn't want their child being at an event not intended for children.

Make sure you provide plenty of entertainment for your guest. Bored intoxicated guest can lead to a heap of trouble. They may even try to leave or create entertainment themselves. Beware of the bored drunken guest!

AVOID all drinking games!!! This is a disater waiting to happen.

Make a time for your party to end and stick to it. Stop serving drinks before this time. Kinda like a last call for alcohol and serve non-alcoholic drinks and food during this time.

Remember, it's your party so it's your guest are your responsiblity. Take caution and be a responsible host when alcohol is being served.