A lot of people have been hit by recession that changed their lives in just a short notice.

One of the promising jobs to consider is being a waitress or a waiter.

A lot of people have been hit by recession that changed their lives in just a short notice. No matter how hard this is for many people, they are still finding ways to go on with their lives. They may not have the same job that they had before but they are reinventing their selves to get a decent job that can pay them enough to buy necessities or settle pending monthly bills.

One of the promising jobs to consider is being a waitress or a waiter. Some may find this a lowly job but what others don't know is that it could put cash in your pocket in less than a week. With the proper knowledge and attitude, you will go a long way with this new career. Let me share to you first some pointers on how to get interviewed and eventually get hired.

The first thing you should consider is having good grooming and hygiene. In this kind of job, the way you look and handle yourself is important because it would also reflect how the restaurant you are working with is reliable when it comes to cleanliness. Even you as a customer would be turned off if the waitress or waiter serving you looks like she/he needs to clean himself/herself. You might also be in doubt if the food, that they are serving, is clean and chances are you might instead look for another restaurant that has clean and decent looking staff. As the owner and manager of the restaurant, such bad impression by customers would totally affect sales. To avoid such loss, good grooming and personal hygiene would be the first thing that you will look after from applicants.

Show your best smile. As they say, smiling is contagious. Smiling also makes you at ease during interviews. It will also make your interviewer feel that you are approachable and has pleasant attitude that customers will surely appreciate. There will also be a possibility that previous customers will request for you to serve them the next time they eat in the restaurant.

Make yourself presentable when applying for a job. Wear appropriate clothes. Employers gauge your judgment. Your choice of clothes reflects your judgment. Dressing appropriately only shows your awareness of the culture and expectations of the industry in which you are pursuing employment.

If you really want to be considered and be interviewed for the job then go to the restaurant during off peak hours which is usually between 2pm -4pm. There are only few customers during these times in which hiring managers can squeeze in some interviews to potential applicants. Going to the restaurant to apply other than the suggested time might hinder you chance of being interviewed.

Do some research about the restaurant as well as the food that they are serving. Knowing something about the restaurant will give the impression that you are interested working with them. It is also a sign that you are prepared. Also, bring a pen with you. There are times that you might fill up some forms during interviews and you do not want to be caught off guard by not having one. You also need to have one when you are already working. It would be nice to have one and paper stashed in your pocket because there are some instances that customers might order a lot and the best way to get all the orders is to jot down everything.

Never ever be late or you will mess up everything. Either you are scheduled for another interview or you’ll going to report to work, make sure that you are always on time.

By following what I suggested above, there will be a great chance that you will get hired. Once you get hired, you will be trained in detail. You will learn everything about how to be a waitress or how to be a waiter. If you put your heart into this job, you can work in any restaurant in any city that you want plus you will not have a hard time earning money.