Being a Dad to children that's not yours can be a long and hard battle. You are entering in to there lives at a moment that's hard for them. Trying to figure out what they do and don't like can be hard. The biggest thing that you will have to understand is unless their Biological fathers died try not to take over the role unless the mother wants you to. I will show you in 5 easy steps on how to make your step kids bond and love you a lot. The time it takes is not set in stone, but with proper love and care even you can have a loving family.

Play with your kids

Playing outside nay seems mundane or UN interesting to some, but for kids this leads to many hours of fun. Taking your step kids out to the playground shows them that you care about them and want them to have fun. When it is winter you can choose to have show ball fight or sledding down a big hill. Be sure you compliment them if they are behaving nicely.

Making them a snack

Making a snack is like gold for the children. The children are always looking for ways to get sweets, so maybe for a prize you can make cookies with them. Making a snack is a way to bond with anyone because for a lot of people food is a way to show you love them. Let your children partake in the missing or putting together a teat. They will grow trust with you buy using equipment that they never use.

Watching a movie.

Sitting down for a family movie or television show help show the kids there can be some family time. Make sure the movie is appropriate for the child level. Help to discuss some positive thinking that you have learned from watching the movie. A good movie to watch is toy story or any other animation movie. Making popcorn make the whole event much more fun.

Compliment their mom.

Complimenting there other parental figure leads to them feeling more comfortable knowing there mom or dad is in safe arms. Make sure you can give hugs and kisses as mush as you cam. Brining flowers home and giving all but one to there mom will show that you love her. A good plus is giving the extra flower to a child.

There are some do not dos that have to be followed:

  1. Do not make the kids feel like crap.
  2. Do not punish the kids for small instances of bad behavior.
  3. Do not make the kids call you dad if they don't want to.
  4. Do not yell at the kids. It just makes them feel defeated and smaller then before.
  5. Don't give them a prize just to take it away later.
  6. Don't down grade the other parent.
  7. Don't over favor a child more then the other child

I am not saying all of these rules will make your family happy over night. I am saying that if you use these rules you may see a change in the way the children act. The children need consistence and lots of love. Make sure you kiss your children now, because sooner then you know it they will not want kisses any more.