Why is it that people in love find it enjoyable to kiss? Have you noticed that it is almost impossible to kiss passionately without making those funny noises? If you are into what I call girly movies, you will see know that a film will not be complete without a good kiss. If you've ever watch any James bond movies, he, 007 would kiss at least three women passionately. The kiss at the end is always long and will leave you breathless just by watching them.

So how do you learn to be a good kisser? First of all, don't take your cues from movies. By that I mean dodgy movies.

Things You Will Need

Bad breath: Imagine you are about to enjoy that first kiss. He or she opens up moves in for the kill, then suddenly down goes the girl into a coma. You have almost killed her because of your bad breath. There is no way anyone will let even blow a kiss the next time. You will not, with such bad breath even be allowed a kiss on the forehead. The person might end up needing surgery to remove the contaminated skin.

Lips: Have you seen some women with virtually no lips. That is ok because it is not their fault. However, these same women will put red lipstick over their mouth in their quest to create that natural pout. Nobody wants to kiss a clown. The lesson is to go easy on the lipstick

Are you hungry: if your notion of kissing is to eat your partner, please don't do it. Go get a BigMac and live and let live!

Sucking: No matter what you must have read about kissing, you don't suck the life out of your partner. The thought of that is just disgusting.

Belch: If you ever, ever do this during of just before a kiss, you are going to be auto-kissing yourself for a while. How gross can that be?

Talking: When you are kissing please try not to talk. Talking is what you do before or after. Only talk if there is an emergency. If you where kissing in a car and the cars starts to roll off the cliff, you are allowed a few words.

With those important points out of the way, here is how you do it.

  • You tilt your head to the side. Your girl should also tilt her head to the other side in other to avoid a head butt.

  • You move in gently and let your lips touch hers, that is just like starters.

  • Pull back slightly and give that another try. This time try to lock your lips to hers and maintain that for a few seconds.

  • Pull back and switch from your tilted position by moving your head to the other side. You might be getting tired or she might be getting tired. Then lock lips again and don't try to get any fancy or try some stupid tricks like using your tongue. If you are not in France or are not French why would you want to do that? By the way, never try that French kissing on a first date. It might be your last. Sorry, let me rephrase that, it will be your last.

  • You could also lock your lips with hers by aiming slightly for the lowers lips and let her do the same with your lips.

  • If you are gentle enough and pull back from time to time to let her breath, you will get better at kissing.

Tips & Warnings