Being a Host for a party or organizing a Party is not an easy job. And being a perfect one is even more difficult. It is often heard said that it is not easy to please everyone. But if you are hosting a party then you have to make efforts to please every one in the Party. Here are some things a perfect host should do.

A Perfect host

  • Plans the event in advance in terms of venue, menu, guest list, themes, decoration, entertainers etc.
  • Personally invites the Guests in advance with due respects either in person or over phone depending on the importance of the guests.
  • Welcomes his guests personally well groomed and with a smile and appropriate greetings. He or she should also make sure that they are comfortable.
  • Makes sure that all arrangements are complete before hand like the cleaning, decoration, food, drinks, entertainment, seating arrangement etc in advance and before the guests start to arrive. The Host also should make sure that the activities are planned, coordinated and delegated well. He also makes sure that the food preferences of guests are taken care off.
  • Makes sure that he talks to every guest even if it is for a few minutes
  • Resolves conflicts between Guests in case such a thing happens and makes peace between them.
  • Makes every Guest feel important by seeing personally that they don't have any difficulty and introducing to other guests in the Party.
  • Makes sure that the Guests have food, drinks etc.
  • Make arrangements for entertaining or taking care of children if they have come along with parents.
  • See off Guests personally and thank them for their time. Many hosts even make a habit of giving token or thank you gifts to the guest.

By Planning and making sure everything goes as planned can help you be a perfect host for your party and also ensure that your guests have a delightful and memorable day.