10 tips on how to be a great father

Every dad  out there wants to be a great father. Here are 10 suggestions for things  that you can do with your children to make them happy and build a closer bond between you.


Great Dad Tip 1- Give a hug

A simple piece of advice but so important. Be a great father by giving you child a hug or cuddle every day. This will be more or less natural depending on your family and how you were brought up. However, whatever your habits, make sure you’re giving your child a hug or cuddle as often as you can.


Great Dad Tip 2 - Offer words of encouragement

Always  look for the positive in everything your child does and look to encourage him/her for it. This increases your child’s self esteem and gives him/her the confidence to take on other tasks. Criticism leads to indecisiveness and the fear of getting things wrong. Teach your child that making mistakes is great because you can learn from them.


Great Dad Tip 3 - Play games together

We’re all busy these days but it should be possible to take some time out of your day to play his/her favourite game together. Even if it’s only 15-20 minutes.


Great Dad Tip 4 - Carry your child on your shoulders

Your child soon grows up and this becomes more difficult. So take advantage when they are small enough. They love being higher up for a change.


Great Dad Tip 5 - Play football together

To be honest any sport is fine. The important thing is to play together. Again only a small amount of time is necessary. It’s also a chance to teach good values when it comes to playing sport.


Great Dad Tip 6 - Watch his/her favourite TV program together

In order to be closer in any relationship it’s necessary to have things in common that you can talk about. So, in addition to the fact that you are spending time together, it will be a chance for your child to explain his favourite show and its characters. The next time you’re out and he/she makes reference to it you’ll be able to discuss.


Great Dad Tip 7 - Do some magic together

Children love magic and you can learn a trick together. Juggling is another great thing to teach your child.  If you don’t know how to juggle, it’s a great opportunity to learn together.


Great Dad Tip 8 - Ask about their day

It’s not always easy getting an answer to this question. However, with trial and error, you’ll find the best questions. Go for questions such as “What was the best thing you did today?” or “What did you have the most fun doing?” or even “What didn’t you like doing?”. This gives you a good idea of what they like and dislike which helps you understand them better rather than  “What did you do today?”which is too open a question and leads to a factual list of what they did.


Great Dad Tip 9 - If you are away from home, call every day

These days it’s not difficult to keep in touch and every effort should be made to call home to say hello (and chat if old enough) if you happen to be away. With software such as Skype and FaceTime it’s simpler than ever to set up a video call which allows your child to see you and enjoy the interaction more. With Skype and Whatsapp it can be fun sending Emoticons when they are not old enough to read and write properly.


Great Dad Tip 10 - Give your child responsibility

Make your child feel useful and important by involving them in the things you do. If you go shopping together, get them to call out the items on the list or when older get them to pick up certain items or weigh the fruit.  Travelling somewhere new, give your child the map, explain how the map works and where you are trying to get to and let them guide your there. Always encourage and congratulate.  Even the most menial of chores can be fun when shared and they can become opportunities for your child to grow by performing more grown up tasks. Another boost to their self confidence.


Your children grow up fast. Be a great father and make sure you spend time with them when you can. It’s a wonderful  time so enjoy it and have fun!

Trying to be a great father (by turning my sons' tongues blue!)

Blueberry Pie with Luca and Marco in Riga, Latvia.

Father and Sons Riga Latvia