There are a lot of article directories on the web and thousands of writers today. But not all of them are smart writers. Many of them just copy and paste stuff from here to there and pretend to be smart but actually they are dumb as donkey. Copying and pasting doesn't make you a talented writer or a blogger. It makes you a kind of thief. So who is a smart writer? Well, I think a smart writer is a one who posses some of the qualities as mentioned in next paragraphs. 

To feel secure, you should have knowledge of something and to be smart, you should have something to say for. If you are just a talking tom, nobody is going to pay any attention to you. If you know something about some certain topic, you can explain it well to your readers. If you are smart, your readers will really feel that there is something in you and you are not just another copy paste kind.If you think, using big english words make you seem a bit smarter, then you are really mistaken. You should be up to the point.If you have some knowledge, you don't need to say just anything about it. You will try to explain it to your readers in a way they can understand it well enough. You really have to be specific about what you have to say. Just make your point and leave the rest on your readers. They will understand it automatically when you have done making your specific point.

To be a smart writer, there should not be any kind of mistakes in your work. By mistakes, I mean both theoretical mistakes plus your grammatical mistakes. Theoretical mistakes includes the mistakes that you can often commit when you try to approximate or try to understand its meaning without having any knowledge of its exact meaning.Everyone makes mistakes.You don't have to avoid all the mistakes. You just have to try to make fewer mistakes. learning from your mistakes is one more thing that only smart people can do. So try to accept your mistakes and move on in life improving and learning more and more from your previous mistakes.

And also remember one more thing, Work Hard but Smart.