Many people who are new to selling on will find themselves attempting to sell off old books. This is a good way to recover money lost on a book you didn't like or even make a small profit on these books. What many sellers find though is that there is an abundance of penny sellers already selling Amazon books. It's hard to imagine how you can make a profit doing it, but you can do it with the right tools.

Things You Will Need

  • Cheap or free books
  • Cheap or free envelopes

  • Amazon Pro-Merchant account

  • Step 1

    To be an Amazon books penny seller you'll need to start by locating a large number of paper back books. You can find these books through a free book promotion or even just at cheap book sales. Never pay more than 5 cents for your cheap books though.

    Step 2

    Store these books in a dry, smoke-free environment.

    Step 3

    Locate a large amount of packing material for free. These can be packing materials you received from your own items or that were salvaged from a paper recycling bin.

    Step 4

    Make sure all previous shipping marks are removed before using any packing material.

    Step 5

    Sign up for a Pro-Merchant account with

    Step 6

    List every book you have for sale. Be very detailed in any damages the book may have and give it the proper rating from New to Acceptable.

    Step 7

    Try to ship books in bulk to save extra money at the post office. Most paperback books, when not shipped in bulk, will make a profit of $0.25. That does not include the cost of the book, shipping materials or your time. If you managed to find cheap books, free packing material and ship in bulk then it can be worth your wild to be a penny seller on Amazon books.

    Tips & Warnings

  • Even as a Pro-Merchant do not attempt to sell hardcover books without doing the math thoroughly on shipping. You will likely end up LOSING money on each sale.
  • Never attempt to sell penny books if you are a non-Pro-Merchant.

  • Be aware that you cannot make a profit and pay for Delivery Confirmation so you leave yourself open to those trying to cheat the system. This is a risk you must be willing to take.

  • Penny sellers often have a low feedback score. Not because they have necessarily done anything wrong, but because people attempt to cheat these sellers often.

  • Penny sellers also receive a high number of A-to-Z claims through Amazon for the same reason.