teacher with childrenHave you heard about the story of a young man who walked barefoot on the streets in order to teach the poor children? He dressed like a beggar and lived a beggar's life. He walked early in the morning until late afternoon reaching out to the street children and teaching the children. He lived the life of the poor children and followed their lifestyle because he believed that it was only with that method that he could encourage the poor street children to learn more effectively.

Yes, that is how hard it is to become an effective teacher. Being an effective teacher does not only mean being knowledgeable and able to impart knowledge to the children; while this is what a teacher should be; being an effective teacher is different from being a teacher who imparts only knowledge to children.

Being an effective teacher is not easy and the more it cannot be achieved overnight. It is a special skill and it needs time before it could be fully developed. Being an effective teacher is a process that is honed as the teacher works and deals with different types of children.

In order to become an effective teacher there are factors that should be considered.

Love and Dedication to the Profession

You can only become an effective teacher if you love your profession as a teacher and you are dedicated to your job. You couldn't possibly become an effective teacher if you do not love what you are doing. Love and dedication brings forth your being effective as a teacher that is because if you love what you are doing you will do everything to become a good teacher and achieve your goals as an effective teacher.

Have Enough Time for the Kids and Your Profession

Time is crucial if you are a teacher. You should spend more time with the kids so that you will learn more about them and be able to socialize more effectively. While more time should be spent with the kids, time for the profession is also crucial. Your job as a teacher must be given enough time so that you can accomplish your responsibilities as a teacher. You need time to make lesson plans, prepare your teaching materials and do the other responsibilities as a teacher. If you are a teacher, you must commit yourself to the teaching profession.

Love for Kids

It is very important for a teacher to love kids. Whether they are the finest kids in class or they are the kids who give you headache; one of the factors that qualify you to become an effective teacher is to love all the kids as they are and treat them fairly. The worst thing that a teacher could do is to play favorites. A teacher should be fair to all her students regardless of race, attitudes, status of life or gender. Although favoritism cannot be avoided, it must not be demonstrated obviously for the sake of the other kids who might feel discriminated. As a teacher you must always bear in mind that children look up to you as a model so you should display a fair and just treatment of kids.

Become a Mentor Instead of a Teacher

A mentor is one who is trusted to counsel a person while a teacher is one who imparts knowledge. It is better to be a mentor to the children and guide them as they learn. Being a mentor means that you don't only impart knowledge to the children but you also counsel them. A teacher must be one person with diverse personality in order to achieve her goals as an effective teacher. Becoming a mentor is good in that the children will feel more comfortable with you. This enhances better learning more than when you just act as a teacher who imparts knowledge.

Remove the Barrier between You and Your Students

Removing the barrier between you and your students means that you have to make learning an enjoyable experience for your students and not a burden. How can you do this? You should be able to relate to your students and understand that your students are individuals with differences in their learning abilities. Do not compare students with one another because that will not help you become an effective teacher. If you want to site an example of a student who is an achiever just mention it without comparing him to someone who is a slow learner. If you could relate to your students and they feel comfortable with you in the classroom as well as outside the classroom and they could freely voice out how they feel to you then you have removed the barrier between you and your students. This will make teaching and learning more effective because your students will feel more comfortable listening and learning while you also learn how to adjust to your student's capabilities.

An effective teacher is one who is strict yet kind, disciplinarian but understanding, intelligent yet able to adjust to her students' capabilities, reliable where needed, has motherly image and able to keep the students properly motivated in order to enjoy learning.