Simple exercises on how to become as fit as an F1 driver.

Things You Will Need

Second person

Swiss Ball

The first exercise is Swiss ball press ups.

Concentrating on strengthening the core muscles from neck to hips. Doing press ups with your feet balanced on a Swiss ball achieves this result. If there is an accident, this is the part of the body that is going to take up the impact. If you don't have a Swiss ball, you can achieve almost the same result by pushing your forehead as hard as you can against someone's hands to strengthen your neck.

The second exercise is Swiss ball balancing.

Sit on the ball with your feet together on the floor, then lift up one foot and try to keep balanced. Then lift the other foot up, trying to remain on the ball. This is great for the straightening of your lower-back and hip areas.

The fourth exercise is Low impact aerobic exercise.

If you are driving in extreme heat and stress for 90 minutes, you need to be fit. From some top drivers heart rates are measured up to 180 bpm. Some can run 11 miles a day, but a low impact exercise like cycling is preferable.

The fifth exercise is Over arm pull ups.

Pull ups strengthen the upper back, but by using an over arm grip you develop your forearm strength and therefore the strength of your grip, which is obviously important to drivers.

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