In school and college days I would find very difficult to be attentive. My mind would always keep on hopping from 1 place to another. If these are of 2 or 3 hours then it’s a pain in the ass.  No 1 likes to sit in the classroom and make the seat hot. Down the line after spending so many years I have found some useful ways to be attentive.

Adequate amount of sleep

Make sure that you have good amount of sleep. Even if you feel like in a bit sleepy just wash your face with warm water or else with cold water. It will be of no use to get up early in the morning and sleeping in the class. You are wasting your time. Lack of sleep will give dark circles under eyes.

Prepare yourself

Go through all the notes which were already been taught in the class. Prepare yourself for the next class. This strategy will help a lot when you get prepared. Always make a habit of carrying a reference book. Doubts will start increasing when you go through notes and all these doubts can be cleared.


Concentration level should be very high. Forget about the past. Don’t worry about the future. Your present is in front of you. Avoid looking at what is your friend writing and also avoid looking at the walls in the classroom. Meditate for few minutes in the morning. This can help in increasing the concentration level.

Make your professor sweat

You can achieve full attention when you keep on interacting with your professor. Try to answer the questions which are being asked in the class. This will increase the knowledge regarding the subject. Clear your doubts and make professor sweat with your constant attack of questions. In this way you can skip your revision at home.

Make notes

Note down which is important regarding the subject.  Small things which are being noted down will make a big difference in revision and also during the exams. Just don’t keep on noting down blindly. Make sure that when you are revising it, notes are able to understand. Don’t make a mistake of writing down all notes in 1 book.

Posture straight

Don’t keep on looking at the board and listening to professor with hands folded or chin on the desk. Your back should be at 90 degrees to the seat. Within few minutes you will start feeling like lethargic. It is always necessary to have a good posture.Wrong posture can lead to back pain and other body pains at a later stage.

If you guys follow these simple steps then lectures would not be boring anymore.