How to be grateful

gratitude is delicious

Gratitude… here is a very important little word that can have significant implications in a person's life. From a very early age our moms and dads teach us to be grateful for the things we receive. As a matter of being polite we say ''thanks'' for even the smallest things we receive.

When I was a kid, I remember my grandmother Maggie teaching me some affirmations which are now almost lost in time, in the whirlwind of adult life, with its concerns and ''busyness''.

The words that my grandma tough me went a bit like this:

I believe that I am having a beautiful day

I am thankful for all that I have, all that I had and all I will have

Things are going well for me

I thank God for everything that happens to me

My grandparents were not well-educated in the academic sense of the word, yet they did have an amazing amount of wisdom, and I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to know them.

Back to the subject of this little note, and that is ''how to be grateful'' I believe that a little how to guide can be constructed, using only a few short instructions:

  1. have an ''attitude of gratitude'' – basically condition yourself to be grateful
  2. take time every single day to thank God, nature, the universe… anything you believe in for what you receive. I also believe that we should be thankful for our ability to give.
  3. record you attitude every way you can: thank you notes to people, tips when you receive a great service and that is appropriate, make comments when living a hotel where you've had a restful night or a great stay… the possibilities are endless.

I've just learned today that being grateful and sharing it is a way to boost our own happiness, in addition to that of those affected. It also have something to do with the ''Law of Attraction'', which is something that has become somewhat famous in the past few years, yet has naturally been around forever.

I believe that what we focus on is magnified into our lives. It therefore makes sense to focus of the good things happening all around us, and they do happen so often we tend to not notice them, due to the speed of daily living.

That is why I would like to go back to my little ''how to'' above. In point number one I suggested that a person should develop an ''attitude of gratitude''. That is not an expression of my own creation, and I am not taking credit for it. Yet what I believe is that we get strong by practising whatever we want to become better at, therefore if we consciously develop the attitude of being grateful, it would attract even more things for us to be grateful for. Like a vicious circle, it would self-perpetuate.

In addition to developing our own attitude, we should use our influence upon those who would listen to us, like the kids in our lives. As my grandparents did to me all those years ago, only I was naturally not in a position to know what all of that meant, yet I practised it nonetheless.

So it is that my life has to date been filled with many wonderful things, big and small for which I am grateful every single day that goes by. I am sure that if you look around you, things will just jump at you:

  • be grateful for your life
  • be grateful for your health
  • be grateful for the place you live in
  • be grateful the meal you are about to have
  • be grateful because you are able to appreciate all this.