Loneliness versus happiness


Can one remain happy while leading a lonely lifestyle? The answer lies in the question itself. One can remain happy while leading a lonely lifestyle but with some conditions applied.


Living alone is a dream cherished by many but appreciated by only a few. Nowadays many people opt for isolation and many are forced to live that way. Whatever the case may be it is the happiness which is the ultimate desire of every human being. A silent atmosphere, neat and clean surroundings and an independent and self-reliant lifestyle are a few things associated with loneliness. Loneliness enables people to life their own way and take decisions on their own without any interference. Although it is a difficult task to gain happiness while living alone, there are still many ways to live happily in that lifestyle.


A person living alone should analyze himself properly and sort out his interests and hobbies. One should indulge himself in one or the other activity as he has a lot of time to give wings to his desires thus giving a new direction to his interests. Painting, reading, music and dance and even strolling can be developed as hobby so that spending time does not become a problem. Moreover doing what the person is interested in always makes him happy.


People who follow a lonely lifestyle should follow a planned schedule. Since the only person to take care of all the utilities and commodities is the person himself, planning should be an inseparable part of his life. Planning one’s day won’t lead to the list of pending jobs getting lengthy which would lessen the irritation and make the person to achieve his ultimate goal of happiness.


Watching one’s favorite movies, going for a theatrical performance, discotheques, eating out and making own favorite dishes, morning and evening walks and socializing online as well as offline would not only keep the lone survivor busy but give him satisfaction.


The people who have a tendency to remain alone do not like chatterboxes around them but they sometimes feel like chatting to someone. To keep themselves busy they may keep a pet at their home. A dog would prove to be a very good friend besides acting as a safety measure against untoward incidents. When the security related issues are not hovering over one’s mind happiness can make a permanent place there. Thus keeping a pet would solve the problem of a partner and security concerns can also be taken care of.


It is very commonly seen throughout the world that elderly people are forced to lead a lonely lifestyle by their own children in their own homes. They are left stranded as the working couples do not have any spare time to talk to them. Such people can find happiness in senior citizens’ clubs, parks and gardens and in serving God. This would surely give them satisfaction out of their secluded life.


Happiness cannot go hand-in-hand with loneliness. At one stage of his life everyone longs for a partner and his family members. But if life has nothing in store except loneliness then one should accept it and try to live the life to brim.

Happiness is a skill

Happiness is a skill