How to be happy with your life

Are you finding it difficult to be happy with your life? Do you usually find yourself upset and disappointed over events that keep happening in your life? Are you occasionally frustrated on why everything turns out the way it usually does ?Are you constantly looking out for ways to stay happy with your life ?

Well if you are , there might not be an easy answer to any of those questions , but you can be sure that you are not alone as far as this feeling is concerned.

With the world getting ever-more competitive , the pace at which people used to live their lives has certainly increased. While such a rapid lifestyle may seem thrilling , it is not sustainable in carving out a happy and peaceful life.

The good news is that the decision to alter such a  lifestyle lies solely in your hands. While this is easier said than done , it is certainly possible with time , courage and pereservence.The major problem in slowing down your life comes in the form that most of us have been so used to competition and gratifying our false pride that the trade-off between ego and happiness just seems natural.The concept of winning and losing has brain-washed people to such an extent that they would rather give up their own way of life just so that they can be a "winner" in the eyes of the society.

Here are five ways in which you can simplify your life and be on your way to sustainable happiness -


  1. Simplify your life - Give up the need to be on a hundred social networking applications.Give up the need to accumulate a hundred types of dressses.Give up the need to be perfect in everything you do.Give up doing things which you don't value , but do anyway to impress others. Life is too short not to be focussing on things you value. Simplifying your life by making it as basic as you can will free up clutter in your life and free up time for you to pursue whatever it is that makes you happy.
  2. Focus on lifestyle , not on money - If you solely focus on acquiring more and more money , you will soon get burnt out. While money is undoubtedly important , earning it for no specific reason will not be able to provide motivation for you in the long term.Better would be to first understand yourself and pick out activities or things you would like to accomplish that are in line with what makes you the most happy.Incorporate them in your lifestyle.By following this strategy , you would not be robbing yourself of contentment in the present moment as you would be leading the kind of life you love.Whatever you are not able to do because of financial constraints then becomes a challenge which is easier to achieve as you know your effort has a direction.You are more in tune with yourself as you know exactly what to do in order to lead the life you want to live.Many people realise that they really do not need a ton of money to do things which make them happy.This is bound to take a lot of pressure off your shoulders.
  3. Excercise and Meditate- Human body is meant to carry out physical activities. Vigorous exercise releases endorphins in the brain , a feel good chemical that naturally de-stresses you.Meditaion helps in grasping a firm control over the ever cluttered mind by freeing thoughts that are not needed.The discipline acquired from mediation stables and silences the mind , thereby making the picture of our inner self  more clear.
  4. Get rid of the need to "win" - Winning and losing is a concept created by people who are still bound by their egos.A natural question to ask is - How long can you win? There is always someone better than you out there in anything you do. Even if you think you are a "winner" now , how long can you keep it up.Is there even a need to? Would you rather not get rid of such an unnecssary burden and just do the things you enjoy.This is not to say competition is always unhealthy. In fact , you would find that once you do not care about results , but focus more on the activity itself , the results tend to improve on their own as you are not too worried about them. The concept of competition is a great thing when you know it is under your control.
  5. Read good books - There is nothing like reading yourself to sleep at night.Fix that reading lamp beside your bed and develop a habit of reading informative books before sleeping.They possess a great power in making you grow as a person.One great bedtime book is Wisdom for the Soul: Five Millennia of Prescriptions for Spiritual Healingby Larry Chang. It is full of deep philosophical quotes on different topics.The best part about it is it never gets boring as each time you read it , you are presented with a plethora of rare quotes that have the power to change your life.

So next time you are down, you only have to remember that being happy is solely under your own control.You can be happy with your life if you learn to change yourself , rather than worrying about the external factors.