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Don't let the title fool you! 

The inspiration behind great love stories are the ones we see in our everyday lives. The movies capture different romantic love affairs with all the emotional rollercoaster rides Hollywood throws in. The heartbreak, betrayal, lost love, love rekindled, first loves, and romantics everywhere can't get enough of it. Do you, perhaps, find yourself wishing you were playing the starring role in that great love story? Stop.

You are the writer of your love story and I am merely giving you the inspiration to write it because love encompasses more than I could attempt to explain. Don't yourn for something you have the power to put in your life because the only thing holding you back is you.

The lights fade and the curtains are opened.

Where does the story begin?

The story begins with the main character and that person is you. The only way for you to embrace love is to fall in love with yourself first. Why do you think the main character is introduced first in movies? We want to connect with them and understand their journey in the story so we will celebrate them overcoming obstacles for love; we will feel as if we did too because we can relate to them. 

Common obstacles could be anything, lack of confidence or thinking love doesn't exist, but the obstacle is more complicated and that gives plot to your journey. You have to overcome these obstacles in your story for you to heal from the wounds you have taken in the pursuit of love. Looking at the battle wounds you have earned in the pursuit of love is admirable and shows you having the loving heart of a fighter. However, you have to let the past be a learning experience and give new opportunities in your life a fighting chance. The past will try to make you remember hurtful memories and give you feeling of doubt which could manifest in future relationships. Don't let the wounds on your heart remind of hurtful people and make you doubt the possibilities of finding someone; let it remind you of what you learned and grew stronger from.

You will encounter many people whom you want to share your leading role with who could be the one to write the rest of the story with as well but it can be misleading. Part of the search, when finding a partner in love, is trusting your insticts as well as your heart. To truly be in sync with your heart and head is to know yourself better than anyone. Define who you are as an individual so you can find the person who will recognize that individuality but, most of all,  will love you just the way you are and you will love them with that same respect. There is no need to try to win love with games, deceit, and manipulation because it doesn't accomplish anything. 

Now give the audience a main character to be proud of and embrace your role because you never know what is lingering around the next corner.

You have the audience's attention, now what?

If you have ever had a broken heart and still struggle with heartache, you know better than any movie on how time heals those wounds. It can leave you doubting yourself and questioning what love really is but the story will go on. Often the main character has faced multiple occasions of defeat; but what makes this time different? How do they know that now is the right time to seize the opportunity in love? The movie script they read told them because life doesn't follow a script or make guarantees.

Love Couple RoadCredit: Image courtesy of renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.netReal life is more complicated but underneath the fears, hesitations, and the baggage of past events you can find strength. You want to open your heart to new opportunities and learn from the mistakes you make along the way. The times you have given your heart to someone, who could not appreciate or return that affection, helped you learn more about where your story will go. Your leading man or leading lady is out there waiting for you to cross paths so don't give up on writing the story.

Embrace the obstacles in a positive way to strengthen what you want from love and prepare you to appreciate your leading role in love. Consider this a growth period for the main character to acknowledge their strengths, learning what they want from life, and putting them in a place to succeed when love comes unexpectedly. 

Now that you're in a positive place and learning from the past, you will seize opportunities and worry about improving yourself. Don't look tirelessly for your future love interest but live your life so love can find you. This is where seizing opportunities and focusing on you is key for the main character. Have adventure and excitement in your story so your personality shines because celebrating who you are is beneficial. 

Don't look for love but let love find you and let them see you having the time of your life. There is more to you than meets the eye which is why you need to live your life to learn it. Enjoy it, embrace it, and love every minute of it.

A very touching movie montage of classic movies.

Thank you YouTube.

Now that you cast the other leading role, what do we do?

Man kissing his lady foreheadCredit: Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe rest of the world is fading away when you are together and time is the last thing on your mind. You might find yourself lost in precious moments like when you realize you have stared into his eyes a few seconds longer than necessary after he made you laugh. Hollywood has the advantage of props, such as music soundtracks, to make those moments extra sentimental in movies. It gives the scenes that little extra to make you feel the same emotions as if you were the person experiencing it.

Take the lead (you're the star of this story) and show that special someone what kind of romance you want. Leading by example shows that you both can give romantic effort in your relationships and not just one person can do the job - don't stereotype love with roles. A man or woman need to bring their love and intentions to the table. Sustaining romance in a long-term relationship is a lot of work, communication, and appreciation for both parties. Use your own props to set the mood and show off your sexy side.

Great examples are:

  • If a special occasion, like your anniversary, arrives and you want to set the mood -- music. Put on a CD that plays in the background of the environment you set. Don't turn it up too loud if you want to have a nice, relaxing conversation as you 'put on the moves'.
  • Ambiance is great for making a romantic evening and it is really simple. Cooking dinner could entail candles in a softly lit room and a nice bottle of wine. Sounds like a loving evening to me!
  • Incense or oils stimulate the senses in another way and can induce a relaxing mood too. Browse around and pick what smells are right for the setting you are trying to create.
  • The setting could be anything from a home cooked dinner or a scary movie night to guarantee ample amounts of cuddling. Other ideas could be taking a hot bath together, swimming on a moonlit night, taking a dance class together (practicing together at home will be a lot of fun), going camping together, and a  fun day at the beach. 

Using your imagination and just having fun with the person you care about is key because the list above can go on. Friendship is where the best stories come from and that close friendship that builds as you both fall in love with one another is wonderful. Build your friendship, trust, and the bond will blossom into a wonderful love story to share on any movie screen. Appreciating each other and finding fun ways to learn about one another is a healthy part of a relationship.

This connection that is growing is allowing other experiences to arise like showing your sexy, sensual side with your partner. The kisses lasting forever, the hugs that you want to never end, and falling asleep cuddled up in each other arms give a different meaning. You can say "I love you" a thousand times but you are saying it as well with every kiss and hug you give each other. Don't just say you love them but show them you love them with everything you do. 

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Don't worry about the ending of your story.

Be in the moment.

The ending of this great love story is up to you and the person who holds your heart. Love stories, as you already know, are never guaranteed and you never know where your path may lead you. A few things you can know is:

  • Loving yourself allows you to love and grow with someone without letting anything stop you, even yourself.
  • Take risks and make yourself available to receive love by seizing opportunities. Don't let fear dictate your future but rather fuel your desire to overcome it.
  • Keeping your relationship filled with romance is a two-way street that should be viewed as fun and exciting.
  • Don't worry about the past or the future but be in the moment. You don't want to miss anything in your love story; not even the little details.

Older CoupleCredit: Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net I hope this article makes you smile and helps you embrace your role in the most exciting love story ever told. Love each other with the fierce's passion and love every moment you share without fear. Your love could inspire others to find a love as passionate and adventurous as they want in their life. Your love story is meant to be celebrated and with our busy lifestyles we tend to overlook those little details. 

Always remember to make time for love and appreciate everything you have in your life. Just like the  love of two sweethearts, we also have love from other familiar key plays in your movie - family, friends, and kind faces you meet along the way. 

Good luck in writing your amazing love story and I can't wait to see your story on the big screen so save me a seat!

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