Got some cash to spare?  Then its definitely time for a shopping trip to freshen up the wardrobe!

Shopping for clothing can be a very enjoyable activity.  They call it retail therapy for a reason, as it releases endorphins that make people feel happy.  Though sometimes while you are in the midst of your shopping spree, you may have the habit of buying articles of clothing that you don't end up wearing.  I know that this has happened to me many times, so I try to decrease the chances of this happening by keeping a certain logical mindset when shopping.  

There are several reasons why you may run into this problem.  Maybe because you decided in the end that the styles were not right for you after all.  Or maybe because you were just buying the items for the trend, and not taking note if the clothing article suited your body shape and skin tone.  All in all, this is problem some of us may face from time to time.  Read on further for some good tips on how to shop more efficiently for clothes!

1) Decide on what style you are aiming for

When shopping around, a good thing to keep in mind is whether the new item of clothing will match up with anything from your current wardrobe.  This will increases the chances of you actually wearing it in the future in a cohesive manner.  Sometimes, you may buy an item of clothing and discover that you have nothing to wear it with.  The key is to have sets that will fit together well.

2) Basics

It's a good idea to have some basic clothing items handy, such as generic pants, shorts, leggings, tanks, and cardigans because it would help greatly when you are buying additions to your wardrobe.  There will be more chances that you can create more cohesive combinations of clothing since you would have the staples already.  Generally the best colours for basics are black, white and beige.  If you have a colour scheme that you usually stick to, you can customise this to your liking.

3) Ask yourself questions

When trying on potential new additions to your wardrobe, its a good idea to ask yourself a couple of things to evaluate your decision.  There is something that suits everyone, whether or not you find it right away.

  • Do I really want this?  
  • Am I just buying this because its on sale?  
  • Am I just buying this because its a trend?  
  • What items could I wear this with, from my current wardrobe?
  • If its a new style, what else could I purchase to match this type of clothing?
  • Does the colour flatter my skin tone?
  • Does the style flatter my body shape?
  • Does it suit me well?
  • Is this something that I would be proud to wear? 
  • Is there going to be something else that will always override my decision to wear this in the future?

4) Look around

Take your time while you are on your shopping spree!  You may find something you "sort of like" but if you keep searching, there may be something better.  Ask the assistant to hold the item for you for a while, as you scour the other shops in the mall.  If you want to make the most of your shopping trip, don't just settle for an item because its the only one there.  There will be choices in the future, and it will save having wasteful items that just sit in your wardrobe for that one day when you just "might" decide to wear it.