adsense rehab addition

Name : Anonymous

Age: 25

Why : How to beat Adsense Addiction and going into rehab

This is an overview of how my Adsense addiction started and how my mother thinks I should go into rehab. I am sure I am not the only one suffering from Adsense addiction. If you are in the same shoes take courage because you are not alone needing rehab for Adsense addiction.

I have not really been interested in computing and technology as a whole. As a 25 year old that lost a bad paying job, you would think I will be grateful for losing my job. Well, I am really grateful because I can now concentrate on the better things in my life, like being bored out of my freaking mind. Losing my job has been a two edged sword. I met a girl that thinks I am really nice and fun to be with. She seems to laugh at all the stupid joke I tell. It did make me feel good to know she likes me for who I am (poor little sod!) and not for my money. Of course at the moment, I am only alive thanks to mother paying the bills and feeding me.

My new girl is a bit of a technology lunatic. She got me interested in computers but more so in making money writing a blog. I told her I am not sure if that was a good idea but she edged me on. I asked what I could write about and she said "anything you feel passionate about". I thought for a while and decided to blog about something passionate. Losing your job. She said a lot of people are making 6 figures just by blogging. She said I could do better than the average if I put my mind and heart to it. So that is when everything started going downhill.

I created a blog on a free hosting domain and wrote my first article about how I felt losing my job. I then immediately applied for a Google Adsense account. All I could think about were the words of my girlfriend, "You are better than the average and could be earning 6 figures". When an email arrived telling me my Adsense account had been approved and I could start earning money, I screamed. I rushed into the living room to tell my mum our lives was about to change. She no longer had to worry about taking care of a jobless 25 year old still living with mummy. I then went back to my computer and started to stalk my Adsense account. The first day I checked every hour, and still the estimated earnings said zero. I started to press F5 to refresh the screen just in case that was the problem but to no avail.

The next day, I made the Adsense page my homepage. I thought It might be a good idea to keep a better eye on things. After the fourth day, I started to wake up in the middle of the night to see if the 6 figures had begun to materialize. I locked myself into my room still trying to figure out why my Adsense figures had not moved an inch. My mother became worried thinking I was on drugs as I began to hallucinate due to lack of sleep. Then it occurred to me that I might need to publish a second article on my blog just in case. I decided to write about losing my job and going into rehab. I now have the Adsense logo burned into my retina for staring at the screen. I need someone to save me from myself and save me from Adsense addiction. I was better off before I met that girl.

Adsense addiction has got me thinking of going into rehab. I started to wonder if adsense addiction will be considered a big issue that requires checking into rehab. I have since written more articles and have seen the adsense estimated earnings gone from zero to $1 and I thought that is 5 figures more to come. I am still addicted to adsense and rehab is not far from my mind. The other day my mom rushed into my room in the middle of the night, scared and she asked me who adsense was. She thought I started dating another girl called adsense. Well, I reassured her that it was my money making scheme and that adsense is not a girl.

Will I ever get over my adsense addiction? I don't think so, as long as I am getting closer to my 6 figures. I don't even think rehab will cure me of my adsense addiction. I probably should start praying for devine intervention. Maybe faith healing is what I need to get over my adsense addiction. No matter what might happen I am determined to make six figures. Maybe that will not happen in my lifetime but at least I will have something to leave behind when I am gone. Maybe adsense addiction will one day be recognized as an occupational illness and I will get to go to rehab for free. Till then, I will stick to my adsense addiction and my dreams of earning 6 figures.