If you are planning a trip to Disneyland Paris this year, then you are one of many hundreds of people planning such a trip as Disneyland Paris trips are extremely popular.

Attracting people from all over the world, Disneyland Paris has been a huge success ever since it opened its doors in 1193. in fact it is Europe's most popular attraction.

Disneyland Paris trips are very much about mastering the pain and agony of queuing for a long time in order to enjoy the exhilaration of the great rides at the end of the queues. Indeed the problem with Disneyland Paris trips is the large crowds especially during the school holidays when families flock from all over Europe to the resort.

During these peak times of the year, you can expect to wait at least half an hour to get on the popular rides. However, if you do not fancy wasting your time queuing up for the big rides, then you can purchase a fast pass VIP ticket which is an extra 62 Euros per person which will enable you to zip past the queues and jump on the rides without wasting precious time in the queues. A great thing about Disneyland Paris is that you can also stay in one of the many on-site hotels so you can spread you stay over a few days and really absorb the whole site rather than rushing around the site in a day. So whether you are planning school trips to Paris and want to include a trip to Disneyland Paris or just a nice family holiday, your children can enjoy all the rides without the bother of queuing too much

The great thing about staying in an on site hotel on Disneyland Paris trips is that during the summer, guest are allowed access to a specific area of the park two hors before the day pass guests are let in to the park. Indeed the main opening hours of the park are between 10am to 7pm, so you need to be up early to miss the crowds and enjoy the rides before the day pass guests arrive. Although during the winter months, apart from over Christmas holiday time, the park is not so busy so you usually wont' have to wait long to get on the rides during this time.

Price of Admission also varies depending on the season you go. Peak season is June to September as well as the Christmas and Easter weeks and during these times a park ticket will cost 59 Euros for adults and 49 Euros for children who are between the ages of 3 and 12 and free entry for children under the age of 2. This makes Disneyland Paris trips definitely something that is worth saving up for as it makes for a wonderful holiday for all the family.