Quality Assurance Technician, or Tester, who doesn’t want to do the job? As a matter of fact when you get to that subject a bunch of people say they would love to do that kind of work. But when you ask them if they know how to begin, not many people can answer to that. I wondered “what does it take to become a real Game tester” and found some useful tips.


What does the job consist of?


Most people think that Game testing is simple and you get paid only to play the game. Wouldn’t that be a little too easy? Of course those people are totally wrong. As a game tester you need to test the game and find all of its bugs. Normally they give you a specific topic you’ll need to focus on, like the audio, the graphics or checking the translations. This you do while you go through the whole game and you try to explain what the bug consists of and where you can find the bug. This info will be written down and given to the development team. If you think testing is the only thing a tester needs to do, you’re wrong. The Quality assurance testers  can give some tips how to make the game more fun or tell how some little details could give the game more quality. The development team might like your opinion and change the details.


What do you need to become a QA Technician?


First of all a game tester is an adult. Many people think children could be a QA tester, but nothing is less true. Becoming a popular game tester is the most difficult process a tester has to go through. He can, if he wants to, be appointed one time to test a game, but this doesn’t assure that he will be appointed for a new one. A game tester in learning has to try to get as much jobs as possible, because they won’t be given as you pass by, certainly not at the beginning. Once they know you’re good it will become much more easy.

But how do you become a good one?

To be seen as a good game tester, you don’t need to accomplish a specific diploma, you don’t even need to be a game expert. Some knowledge about game consoles and computer might come in handy. Also being able to speak different languages like English, Spanish, German and French could be at your advantage. Having flawless knowledge about your own language is a must.

Do you want to have a good reputation from the start? One good tip: Be quick but efficient. The faster you work, the more they’ll like you, but leave a bug and you can kiss your future jobs byebye. Normally you won’t find a job with fixed hours, so you’ll have to get used to those flexible and longue hours.


How much will we get paid?


Let’s say that a QA Technician earns between $15000 and $55000 per year. This amount can change if you work quick or not, like said before. You don’t need to get demotivated when you don’t earn much. Just for example, if you earn $1300 a month it could easily increase to $4000 a month when you get to learn the job and you work faster. But don’t forget you still need to be efficient. Don’t leave mistakes because it might ruin your carrier.


Where do I have to be to start a carrier?


You can start a carrier all over the world, but it’s not curtain that you can stay there. Not every country has a settlement where you can start your game tester carrier. Sometimes you’ll have to go to the other side of the world just to find a decent job. To apply for a job in this sector, you can search on the internet . there you will find a few vacancies still waiting for you to join.




Every beginning  is hard and game testing doesn’t make any difference, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll get there. It often gets underestimated so look before you leap.  You have to really want to succeed at it and to make even more you have to work fast and steady.


Good luck and let me know if I was any help ;)