Teach yourself to sell


How to become a professional Salesman


A Professional Salesman is possibly the most underrated profession you could enter,

I can understand this attitude if you happen to be looking in from the outside, the stereotype salesman with the quick wit and tough skin is possibly everyone’s vision of a salesman.

If you consider any profession ultimately someone will possibly have to sell the end product.

Millions upon millions are invested in the products that we all buy as individuals, this money will have been invested in design, manufacture, product testing for safety and the finally it will have to be presented to the market place.

Unfortunately most companies will invest a very small percentage of their budget in sales training which is absolutely ridiculous considering the total investment to present their product into the marketplace.

Being a true professional Salesman can be a licence to print money for the super stars in any Company, but how do you become a Professional salesman, unfortunately you will have to be self taught as most companies will possibly only invest only 1 Month of basic training followed by the odd Day here and there.

To become a true professional you will have to invest time in yourself, set out below is a formula that will work if you are prepared to put in the hard work.


Initially find a position that will put you in as many selling situations on a Daily basis,

Van sales are idea as the van salesman will possibly visit at least twenty customers in one Day and each client will be buying, the biggest trap van salesmen fall into is that they can become just order takers and no talk about product that the customer does not stock.

At the beginning of every Week check every product that each customer does not stock, then when visiting the clients bring one of these products into the conversation.

Selling is a percentage game and at the end of the Week you should have brought 100 extra products into the presentations.


Cold Calling

(Calling on prospective new client) 

Most Salesmen will avoid cold calling at all costs, to be a professional cold calling is an essential part of your skills that has to be mastered if just 1 cold call was done each Day that could possibly result in a minimum of 4 new clients over a one month period.

Van sales will offer a great opportunity to teach you the skills while earning a good salary


Reading books and listening to various forms of audio are also essential to learn your trade; there are hundreds of quality books available and very good place to start is with


These five will give very good informative reading which thousands of salesmen still follow

After Twelve Months of van sales and your own personal training you should be fully equipped to move on to the next level and your next step to becoming a professional salesman