Film School to Film Maker

How can Film Students and Aspiring Film makers get opportunities to shine

This article it not going to tell you how to make films.  Why ? because I don’t know but it might give you a different  idea on how to get into the business of using your creative talents.


Lots of people go to film school (or are just good film makers) and want to be the next big film director. Realistically the odds are slim and lets face it not everyone is cut out for the cut throat business of big budget movies even if the creative talent is there.  Although I would say if that’s what you want you should certainly pursue the dream.


The next route is often to produce short films find and audience, enter competitions and hope to get noticed.  Again this is a tough route to take and can often be time consuming and sometime costly.   Additionally there is the need to have and  idea and inspiration which will not only interest you but also interest the people that matter. Again don’t give up and keep at it.


In both cases the people backing you will be risking there investors money – hence the reason its so hard to convince them you are worth it.  In the meantime there is another route.  Surprisingly it may lead you to achieve both big screen and small screen exposure and if you are good it may lead to you working with some of the worlds biggest brands. Whatsmore they are more like to invest in your talents as the risks are lower.


So what I am talking about….. TV advert production. Stop I here you say. Marketing is impossible to get into, Agencies have it stitched up and its jobs for the boys.  Well in a way it is but not if you enter competition.  Very often you will have a choice of Brands to make an Advert for and also some guidance on what they are expecting.  Not only that you will get exposure (if you are good) not only on crowd sourcing websites but also at all the major film festivals in the world.


In my experience MOFILM (do a Google search) are the best at this as they work with brands and charities such as Pepsi , Coca Cola, and General Motors.  Not only that but they also attend all the major events including Cannes, Goa, and London film festivals and are now achieving great things in allowing individuals to showcase there talent and obtain paid employment. There groundbreaking MoFilm pro concept also allows advertised to get an advert produced in 4 to 6 weeks rather that 4 to 6 months using talent from there entrants database. All the past winners are profiled on there site increasing exposure further.  Its not just MOFILM though. Other crowd sourcing companies also exist just do the searches and you will find lots of opportunities.



So for all budding film makers why not try the TV advert route.  You never know where it might lead.