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How to become an Atheist

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Many people think that being an atheist is easy -- all you have to do is not believe something of which there is allegedly no physical proof -- but you'd be wrong. See, all you would be atheists just haven't come up against anyone who could argue God from a scientific perspective like me. I believe that most of you are mad at religion, which is not of God. That's not a true athiest. Also, can you reject all ideas of God, not just the storybook white bearded guy in the sky? We'll see.

Things You Will Need

Your thinking cap

Step 1

To become an atheist, and moreover, to prove to me that you are an atheist, you must first reject Einstein's notion of relativity. That is, just because you say there's no God doesn't mean there isn't one for someone else. The notion that truth, like time and space, the human measurements of truth, is absolute, is one that has been disproven for many years. Example 1: At the speed of light, time stops, so two people living can age at different rates according to their speed. Example 2: Look at a green book. It's only green because your eyes are able to reflect "green" light. The color is not inherent in the book. So if a color blind person looked at that same book, it would be grey. By the same logic, God can exist for me even though he doesn't at all for you. Then the question becomes, am I real? Well, that's one for Descartes, but I think it's pretty selfish of you to think that you are the only thing that can exist. :)

Step 2

To become an atheist, and moreover, to prove to me that you are an atheist, you must reject the notion of reasonable doubt. I don't have to prove there is a God; you have to prove there isn't one. And if you can't, no courthouse in America is going to hear you out. If you have no God, you must believe in the systems of law by which civilized humans operate. If not, you are a nihilist, not an atheist, and you must rethink your philosophy. And if you believe in the system, but oppose it, you are an anarchist, not an atheist, and again, must rethink your philosophy. If there is nothing greater than humans, then the prevailing system of human law must be correct. And if even by this system of law you cannot prove there is no God, then you don't have a leg to stand on.

Step 3

To become an atheist, and moreover, to prove to me that you are an atheist, you must reject the notion of all Gods, not just the Christian God, or the Jewish God, or the Buddha, or Allah. I don't believe that God is a bearded guy looking down from us from up above. Physically, God is located somewhere between the 8th and 10th dimensions, depending on whether you believe in string theory or the 10-dimensional theory. Moreover, a 4th dimensional being, who can slip in and out of our timeline at any point, would be a "god" to us. It would be able to predict stock market crashes, hurricanes, and your life choices. Also, the notion that God is "good" in a human sense is also not a great argument -- the rain which floods the farmer out and kills his daughter today is the fertile soil by which thousands eat tomorrow. Is the rain good? Or evil? Similarly, do you reject the notion of God because you have been unlucky in life? Not only is that an emotionally selfish argument, but devoid of logic as well. Your tragedy may help a larger miracle. If you can argue me down on all three of those points, I'll consider you a true atheist. Until then!

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Dec 16, 2009 11:21am
One more thing, Khrista. You seem to enjoy science, so I'm surprised that you hadn't thought of this. In order to be an atheist, you must possess a great degree of faith. Indeed, an atheist must possess more faith than anyone else. The more you delve into science, the more intricate detail that you discover. In order to be an atheist, one has to believe that this detail happened by accident. The atheist must have faith in an unfathomably long string of coincidences.
Jan 12, 2010 8:29pm
I'm sorry that my lack of belief offends you so much. I hope that you can find peace someday and stop hating me for being different than you.
Jan 31, 2010 1:45am
First, I'm new to infoBarrow and your article showed me that it doesn't have to be impersonal. I can throw a bit of myself in.
Second, I enjoyed your use of science. Taught me a thing or two. Also, your use of legality..
I agree with SMIV. To ignore the unlikely string of coincidences that led to human life, as well as all the universes as chance. Somewhere there has to be at least a creative spark.
Well done, well written and I enjoyed the read.
Aug 10, 2011 12:24am
This is perhaps the worst defense of supernatural belief I have ever read. Your statement that you have to *disprove* the existence of something that cannot be detected in order to convince you that it doesn't exist is nearly obscene from an argumentative standpoint. Further, I just love how you've pinned "God" down to existing on the 8th or 10th dimension, but throw in the 4th just for giggles. What on earth is that supposed to help? I won't even touch your comment on Einstein and Relativity and Time... sheesh.

Please, go be religious... no one is going to stop you and I personally hope you're happy with it... just quit trying to make logical arguments when you don't understand the subject matter.
Oct 12, 2011 5:54am
You forget a lot of fundamental things in your article.

1. Whether or not we perceive things differently, the absolute is always absolute. The wavelength that the green book radiates is always the same regardless of the person that watches it. The reason the color blind person will perceive it as gray is because his (since females rarely are color blind) eyes lack the proper cones to perceive that wavelength. That god does/does not exist is still an absolute regardless of what you or I think.

2. The burden of evidence lies always on the person who claims that X is or Y happened, not the opposite. That is fundamental practice and the reason why the police does not pull you in and force you to prove that you did NOT murder person Z.

3. God is located between 8th and 10th dimension? Uuuh, how, why and how. Did you also know that a donkey is located between the 13th and the 15th?
String theory implies god in no way at all, so please tell us who you quote and do a complete un-biased background check on him/her.

I suspect you read a bit too much popular science. These are the things they usually claim.
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