This is a guide offering advice on how to become an Avon representative in Canada, as well as the pros and cons associated with the job. The Avon company is a well known direct selling company, operating in well in excess of 100 countries, which in addition to Canada include Australia, America and the UK. If you feel you have any questions, or anything else you would like to add on becoming an Avon representative in Canada, please comment in the section at the end of this article.

Advantages of becoming an Avon representative in Canada

There are a number of benefits associated with becoming an Avon representative, the main ones of which are outlined in the following section.

  • Earn money. The main reason many people decide to become an Avon representative is so they can earn some money. The amount which is earned depends on a number of factors, although the main one is how much work is put into the role. In Canada the money from being an Avon representative is for some a supplement to their main income, whereas for others it is the primary income source.
  • Working hours flexibility. After becoming an Avon representative an individual has almost complete control over their working hours. As such, they can determine both the amount of work which they carry out, as well as when this is done. However, there are likely to be some restrictions - for example 4am is likely to be a bad time to try and host an Avon party!
  • Discounted products. Once an individual has become an Avon representative, they are able to get access to the portfolio of Avon products at a discount.
  • Advanced access to products. Another advantage of being an Avon representative is the fact that often new products are released to them before being released to the general public.
  • The possibility of progressing to supervise other Avon representatives.

Main disadvantages of becoming an Avon representative in Canada

In addition to the benefits which have been explained above there are some disadvantages associated with being an Avon representative. Once again the main ones are explained below:

  • Registration fee. There is a fee which anyone who is becoming an Avon representative needs to pay - at the time of writing this is believed to be 20 Canadian dollars. However, for this an individual is provided with the equipment which they need to start off as an Avon representative.
  • Ongoing costs. After the initial charge for registering after becoming an Avon representative there is often the need to purchase additional materials, such as brochures and samples. The cost of this should hopefully be covered by the income achieved from selling products.
  • Not complete flexibility with working hours. It was mentioned in the advantages section that a major bonus of becoming an Avon representative is the ability to determine your own working hours. However, there are exceptions - the main one being when deliveries are made.

What exactly does the role involve?

The primary part of the role involves trying to sell Avon items to anyone and everyone, as the pay is through commissionbased on the amount and value of products sold.

This is mainly done through the Avon catalogue, also known as the Avon brochure or Avon magazine. The Avon catalogue has a large number of items within it. These items include:

  • Make-up and other associated products.
  • Toiletries for both males, females and children.
  • A range of perfumes.
  • Other personal grooming equipment.
  • Various household equipment.

As can be seen there is a wide variety of products sold in the Avon catalogue. The Avon catalogue had for a period an image of being old fashioned - however some serious money has been spent on improving the image of the products and making them more desireable for a younger audience. In addition, the products themselves have been developed further to make them more suitable for a more fashionable audience. However, it has been done in such a way that they maintain the feel of being an Avon product and so there are still major sales to the older audience who would be considered to be the normal Avon clientele. In addition, by branching out into supplying products for men it has doubled the potential customer base, with the result that the Avon catalogue should hopefully have something for everyone - leading to the potential for lots of sales.

Items are sold through the Avon catalogue. The option chosen can vary from person to person and depends on personal circumstances. The Avon catalogue can be shown to family and friends of the Avon representative (tip if working in an office leaving it by the photocopier can lead to large sales). An alternative option is to leave it in popular areas where there may be a lot of people, including waiting rooms, communal areas of flats/apartments and beauty salons. A further option is to either go to door to door and speak to people, or to drop it off at the address and come back at a later date.

Another way of getting sales is by hosting, or visting, Avon parties. In these there is of course the Avon catalogue, but it is also wise to bring some samples along. Whilst these samples cost money, if the right ones are chosen a lot more money can be made from sales.

The final potential way is to sell goods online. Whilst this will require some knowledge of the internet, it doesn't have to be too great as a page could be set up for free and with the minimum of knowledge. Such a page could target the entire Avon range, or just an individual item. Infobarrel, the website on which this article is located, is a site which allows users to create pages on whatever they want for free and so would be ideal for trying to sell an individual product. In addition it is possible to make money from adverts on the page - if this seems like something that will be of interest to you sign up here.

As can be seen, there are several ways of making money as an Avon representative. Many of the highest earning Avon representatives utilise more than one of these options, but as has already been mentioned it is the representative who determines how they work, so if you were to become an Avon representative you could choose whichever options you wanted!

The Registration Process

Signing up to become and Avon representative is relatively simple. There are two options. Either the applicant can get a senior sales person to be their manager and sign up under them. There are several such people around advertising on the internet for specific areas, as well as in the printed media. An alternative option is to fill in the online form on the Avon website, which can be found here.


I hope you have found this guide on how to become an avon representative useful and should you have any questions or comments you would like to make please do so in the comment section below.