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All you need to know in order to become an armored truck driver / security guard

We have all seen them driving around our neighborhood, the military style looking fully armored money trucks that pay local businesses a visit and picks up or drops off money to them. Have you ever thought about getting a job as an armored truck driver / security guard? If so, we will give you a few tips here on how you can become employed with one of the armored truck companies out there.

Before you go walking in to one of these armored truck companies to fill out an application, there are a couple of pre-qualifications that you must have to have a chance at gaining employment with them. The first thing that will get you automatically disqualified is if you have a criminal background on your record. If you do not have a clean record they will definitely find out about it and you will not get hired. You must also have a decent driving record as they will want you to take them a copy of your driving record from your local D.M.V. If you have a decent driving record and you have a clean background, you have a shot at getting hired.

Now lets move on to a couple of other things that they will look at. They will want to see that you have a stable past employment record. If you have been jumping around from job to job every couple of months, it will not look good to them. Good references from your past employers of course would be a good thing for you. Your credit history will also be inspected. If you have a horrible credit history it may impact their decision on whether to hire you or not. Having a good credit history will show them that you are responsible with your finances.

If you have met the criteria so far then you have a really good shot at getting hired as an armored truck driver / security guard. You will have to get a guard card which is state licensing for you to work as a security guard. The fee for this license varies in whatever state you reside in. Some armored truck companies may assist you in getting your guard card and some may not. It would be wise to get your guard card before you go apply with the company that way they will see that you already have it and are ready to work, you will really be doing them a favor and it will be a plus to you when you apply. To get information on how to get your guard card, call up any private security company in your area and they will assist you with the information you need. You may be able to get it with them or they will send you to wherever you have to go to get it. While you are getting your guard card, you may as well inquire about getting your gun permit as all of this works together. Most armored truck companies do not require that you have your gun permit when you apply with them, they do require you to get it though in about 3 months once you are employed with them, so it would be great to get a head start. You will be able to work with out a gun but you will not be able to be a hopper, you will only be able to be the driver.

One of the first things that armored truck companies will train you in is how to drive the armored truck. They will give you a driving test and make sure that you can handle driving the heavy vehicle. It is very different from driving a regular vehicle but most trainees do not have a major problem that will get them disqualified.

There you have it, this is all of the information that you need in order to become a armored truck driver / security guard. You will no longer wonder how to become an armored truck driver / security guard. It can be a very rewarding career and can even be a nice stepping stone for those who are looking to gain employment as a law enforcement officer.