So You Want to Learn how to Start Lucid Dreaming?

But Before that, what Is Lucid Dreaming?

So, you want to learn about lucid dreaming? If you don’t know what lucid dreams, are, they’re basically being “awake” or conscious while being sleep.  There have been few studies on lucid dreams, but it is entirely possible. My first experience with lucid dreaming was amazing, not because of what I did while within that dream, but because of what I felt. I felt free. I know I could do anything without any repercussions whatsoever. Once you truly get better at lucidity, you’ll be able to fly in your dreams. You can actually learn how to do something while dreaming; you can practice writing, skateboarding, drawing, etc. Cool, huh?


How to Begin Lucid Dreaming                       

Now, in my other article; “Understanding your dreams” there is already a tip to start lucid dreaming, you will need a dream journal, no doubt about it. Let me explain what a dream journal does. It increases your dream recall. You might be able to have a lucid dream without one, but you will most likely won’t remember it. It also give you “signs” on what to look out for. Remember them from my other article? Yep, look out for your signs, but instead of trying to think about what they mean, remember them. That way you might see it again when you’re dreaming and think, “Wait, am I dreaming?” while dreaming. Usually asking yourself “am I dreaming” while in a dream will cause a lucid dream. Moving on to my next tip, do reality checks.

Reality checks.

Reality checks can be anything, most common is just asking yourself; “Am I dreaming.” I recommend doing more than that. Here are a few other things to do while you say that, like look at your palms. When dreaming there would be something wrong with them, they might only have 3 or 4 fingers or maybe even more than 5. You can look at a digital clock, look away, then look back. Usually the time would change when you’re dreaming. You can hold your breath, in dreams you would still breathe normally. Reality checks for beginners should be done every time you: you go out of a room/open a door, often dreams take place inside, so if you make a habit out of that, you’ll walk through a door in your dream and ask “am I dreaming.” You should do reality checks when ever you remember. When you get into the habit and had lucid dreams for a while, you can start doing it only when something weird happens.  


Don’t expect much for a while. It will happen though, just not overnight. Make sure to keep that dream journal by your bed side, under your pillow or where ever you can get it easily. I hadn’t had a dream that I could remember in months that I could remember before I started my dream journal.(Not counting small things. Write down every little thing.) Now I can remember several dreams at night. Keep doing those reality checks, those are important too, your dream journal is just there to increase dream recall, not too induce lucid dreams. Well that’s about it. See ya next time.