When you are redoing your furniture, bleaching the wood is one way in which you can make it look lighter. It makes the wood look fresh and new and in so doing it can make a chair or even a picture frame look as if you just purchased it.

There are wood bleaching kits available at home improvement stores. The most important thing is to carefully read all the instructions before you start using the one you chose.

Things You Will Need

Old newspapers

Garbage bag

Wood stripper

Warm water

Wood bleaching kit

Rubber gloves or protective wear for your hands

Paint brush

Sand paper - medium grade and fine

Oil finish

Step 1

Cover your work areas with old newspapers with a garbage bag placed on top. You must first remove any finish that remains on the wood. After you have used the wood stripping product, you can test the wood to see if you did get it all off. Wet the wood lightly and watch for dark and light areas. Any part of the wood that is dark is fine because this means the bleaching will bring it to a lighter and uniform color. If there are any light areas, you need to apply the wood stripper again and retest.

Step 2

Using a paint brush that is appropriate for the size of the piece you are working on, apply a thin coat of the wood bleach.

Step 3

Allow this coat to dry for at least three hours. Then you can determine whether or not you need to apply a second coat. If you notice that some areas appear to be uneven in color, touch up these spots with the bleach.

Step 4

Once you are satisfied with the job, let the wood dry overnight. Then using a medium grade sandpaper, sand the wood twice.

Sand a third time with fine sandpaper.

Step 5

Apply an oil finish to protect the wood.

Bleaching wood is an easy project that you can complete in two days. You don't need to have any woodworking talent or be an expert refinisher to have wonderful results.

Tips & Warnings

Be careful not to overdo it when applying wood bleach. Too many applications will make the wood appear gray and lifeless.