You can get this by picking them from your garden and put them in boiling water for five minutes, then turn the heat down to low or off, and let it seep for half an hour.


You can go to your grocery store and buy the tea. There's even shampoo, conditioner, and spray for it. You can most likely find it at SaveMart, Safeway, Walgreens and of course, online.

Rinse with cold water and deep condition your hair.

Lemon Juice:

Squeeze some lemons and add a teaspoon of olive oil together, apply it to your hair and sit or go out for a walk under the sun for twenty minutes or more.

A mixture of chamomile, lemon juice, a little bit of olive oil will be great together too. Rinse with cold water and deep condition your hair.


Another thing you can do with chamomile is boil it, wait for it to cool, and pour it into a spray bottle. You can add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide, or lemon juice, and maybe a little olive oil. Spray it onto your hair and then get on with your day.

Cassia Obovata:

Cassia Obovata is blond (neutral) henna. It will not damage your hair, in fact, it will do the opposite. Cassia obovata will restore bleached and damaged hair, make thin hair thicker, silkier, and healthy and will make thick hair even thicker, from only just one treatment! It will also give your hair a yellow tint to it.


If you want to dye your hair blond, red, or black, use henna. Henna is actually very good for your hair, it's a little bit more expensive then your four dollar box hair dye, but it's permanent, so you don't have to keep going to the store every month to re-dye.

If you hair dark hair and want to do lighter, bleach your hair first, because you'll end up with just highlights if try to dye your hair a lighter color.

You can create a different types of dye shades by mixing different hennas, there is neutral (blond), red and black. Mixing 1/2 part red henna with 2/3 parts black will make your hair brown to reddish (depending on what color it is already). Mixing neutral and red henna will make your hair bright fire red. Using black henna will make it from natural black to jet black depending on how long you decide to leave it in.

Henna is permanent, but there is always a way around everything. Mineral oil will strip enough out, but call up a hairdresser for advice.