Eating foods, improve your memory and improve the general health is always a good idea. How to get a good night's sleep is also to improve your health and help you eat foods digest much faster. Many will try to improve their diet, muscle mass or weight loss. but forgotten, how can the living memory. Eating foods that help your memory. Too little of it and you will be distracted by hunger, while too much will make you want to sleep to much. Finding the balance takes time and experimenting.

Things You Will Need

An annual visit to your doctor.

Step 1

One of the best and most easily available resources is a salmon, a good source of Omega-3-fatty acids necessary for brain function and development. Most fish contain fatty acids, salmon is at the top of the list.

Step 2

Fruits, especially those classified as super fruits are the ones you should eat. While all berries a number of health benefits, blueberries are in particular the strengthening of the storage engine. While blueberries are high on the list, all the berries have a contribution to the strengthening of memory.

Step 3

Nuts of all kinds, have been highly regarded as a great way to get healthy fats into your diet, but many people forget that seeds fall into this category too. Sunflower seeds are a rich source of vitamin E.

Step 4

Lean red beef. Moderate portions of lean beef in your diet is beneficial in enhancing your memory because of its iron content. Beef also contains proteins that is also beneficial to your body.

Step 5

Leafy green vegetables are a great source of iron. Spinach is one that has be touted as being a great source of iron and body building vitamins. Just ask Popeye. Eating a variety of foods will help with your overall health. For those who are worried about early onset Alzheimer's should seek the advice of a certified doctor.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure you have a physical to ensure you are able to eat certain foods on this list. Some people have allergies that they may not be aware of. An annul visit to your doctor is recommended.