Cleaning cat's teeth(123624)

You should remember to clean your cat's teeth. A bacterial plaque problem may lead to serious diseases of the teeth and gums or even leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which is like virus HIV for cats.

When should you start to clean your cat's teeth? As soon as it is possible, because at the young age your pet gets used to it faster. Hole process begin from touching your pet's teeth. You don’t need to reach deep. It's enough when your cat will accept touching front of his dentition.

Feeding your animal with dry food, helps in the fight with bacterial plaque. There is also special food available, which is supporting appropriate health care of your cat's oral cavity. You can use dental chew as well.

There are many preparations which are helping to prevent the formation of bacterial plaque in your cat's mouth and rectify objectionable smell of your pet's muzzle. You can get toothpastes with various tastes, gel and oral fluids. If your cat is afraid of sound spray, you can spray the fluid straight away on a gauze and lubricate teeth with it.  

You shouldn't ignore a bacterial plaque problem. It may lead to serious diseases of the teeth and gums or even leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which is like virus HIV for cats.
What you should do to get your cat to get used to brushing his teeth?

1. Dip your finger in something what your cat loves to eat, for example: tuna or milk… After you get to touch his teeth, let him lick off what you have on your finger. You should repeat it from time to time, till your pet endure such a treatment quietly.

2. In the next step, get your cat familiar with the taste of toothpaste by gaining a small amount of it on your finger and rub it on the front of his teeth. Although most of the cats like taste of toothpaste, but you can also mix it with any cat treat.

3. After time gradually reduce the amount of added delicacy. When your cat get used to it, you can move on to the proper cleaning of his teeth. Coil piece of gauze on your finger, get some toothpaste and by circular motion, smear a front of his teeth and from the inside also.

Cat's teeth should be brushed every day, because plaque is getting formed within 24-36 hours. You don't need to rinse out the paste, your pet can eat it without harm.

If you want, instead of gauze, you can use kid's tooth brushes or those special designed for cats. So if you want to get used to your cat to a toothbrush, at the beginning put some cat treat on it and let your pet eat it.

Use only toothpaste made special for cats! Those intended for people has an unpleasant taste and smell for pets, getting foam and could be harmful when your cat will eat it, because it contains fluoride.

If the bacterial plaque get formed, you will see that cat's gums are red, immediately take your pet to the veterinary clinic! Probably he will go under anesthesia to get treatment. When you do it often, is not good for his health, so that is why appropriate prophylaxis is so important.