The Begining of a New Lifestyle

If you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, it is important to understand that you share something with many people who also don’t like their body type. If you don’t believe this, ask anyone what they would change about their body and you will get an immediate response of what they don’t like about themselves physically. Very few people (if anyone) will have the response of, “I love my body, and I wouldn’t change a thing!” If you aren’t convinced, look at a TV guide. There are many reality shows where people compete to change their bodies with plastic surgery, in addition to all the celebrities that televised their plastic surgery results when they feel their bodies simply aren’t perfect enough. 

 But how many of us know how to build a healthy body image, the consequences for ignoring our body and the steps to take to get back in the game.  It's really not that hard, people have the wrong idea about body redefinition because the media makes it look harder than it really is. The longer you wait to action on building a healthy body image the longer you will suffer the shackles of low energy and low self-esteem.

 Accepting that most people want to change something about their body or just throw the thing out and start over again is the first step in developing a positive body image. A wise sage once said “first truth is ignored than it is challenged then it is proven to be true.” You may think that other people have perfect bodies, but try telling them that and you will find a person that has a long list of what they think is wrong with their breasts, their hips, their face, and even unchangeable things like their height. But the solution to this common problem is even the most completely out of shape people have found the glory in redefining their body type. No matter what it is you are wanting to change about your self, there is always hoped as history has shown countless numbers of so-called nerds and couch potatoes who took their desire for a new body into their own hands, started an exercise & makeover plan and changed their lives. So if you still hope for a healthier body image and completely new version of you please keep reading and learn to love yourself again.

Adopt a Raw Food Diet

Studies have shown remarkable results from eating a raw food diet which consists of vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, yogurt, honey, and anything you could imagine that grows on a tree or shrub that isn’t cooked, hence the name raw food diet. Both men and women who were once obese have lost hundreds of pounds and changed their entire body and outlook on life forever. It has also proven to reverse diabetes. In one case study done on a hundred people suffering from either type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes adopted a raw food diet for 30 days and reversed their diabetes. It has also been a benefit to energizing the body and mind thus helping people be more productive, happier and healthier people.

Reversing Diabetes in 30 days

Dress for Success

You may not be able to change your body type, but you can change the way you dress immediately. Always dressing the best that you can will get compliments that are a great confidence boost. The energy you receive from dressing for success is comparable to winning the lottery because it’s the fastest way to deliver an instant gratification for yourself but further more, dressing for success is like a magnet for good things because it changes the way you feel, making way for greater things to enter into your life. If you did nothing more to boost your confidence dressing for success would be it because a person who feels highly of himself is as a respectable and serious character. Nothing says more a well dressed, well-kept person regardless of sex, age or career.  


Why You Should Dress for Success

Find Better Friends

If no one is giving you compliments when you are putting your best foot forward, find people who will. Your friends and family may be the ones who have given you this negative body image in the first place by always putting you down. Especially if you are dating someone who constantly puts you down, no wonder you feel bad about the way you look. It is truly better to be alone than it is to have with someone who makes you feel like you are unattractive. For example, you might find some new friends who like to hike. This is a great social exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise at all, but still burns huge amounts of calories and will help you meet great people who will give you compliments that in return will make you feel better about yourself.  With new friends, new clothes, and new exercise, your negative body image will eventually be a thing of the past.

Surround Yourself with Good People

Find the Right Kind of Fitness and Diet Plans

If you don’t like diet and exercise, you simply haven’t found the right kind. Not everyone jogs ten miles a day or plays team sports. To change your body type, you have to exercise, but you have to find the right kind. Generally speaking, finding the right exercise goes along with finding the right friends. There are some activities that like hobbies are inclusive to social interaction, some examples are hunting, skating, biking, basketball, cooking, gardening and playing music. Once you find hobbies that keep you moving stick to it.  Any exercise is good and when you find the right kind of activity that serves your interests you’ll find yourself reaching your goals sooner than you thought possible.

Everyone Has a Body Type

You can diet and exercise all you want, but you will still have a body type that may not be on the cover of a fitness magazine. However, don’t ever give up on the fitness and diet plans, just accept that your body is part genetics and part lifestyle - and if you find people who really love you for who you are these sorts of concerns gradually fade away. Be grateful for the body you have been given and move, I mean really keep your body moving and any way you can because the more you focus on keeping your body doing what it is designed to do the more it will thank you with crisp energizing feeling in return. Most people miss to realize that these glamorous magazine cover models are 60-70% photo shopped so the next time you find yourself in a conversation with someone about what they regard as beautiful do not pay any attention to what the popular idea of a beautiful figure is because there is tons of people in the world who don’t look like any of these magazine cover models are just as attractive.  Once you’ve decided to help your self to a better body image there is no turning back because it becomes more of a lifestyle and less of a burden.