lemonade stand (32780)

Builder's Age 10 and up

A little entrepreneurial spirit and a sign, a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade with a stack of paper cups, and table or box on top will be ideal for a hot summer day. This will be a profitable business with a professional look.



44+ ft. of PVC plastic pipe, 1/2 in. size

(A) 32 1/2 in. long,2 pieces

(B) 28 in. long,2 pieces

(C) 24 in. long,1 piece

(D) 22 in. long,4 pieces

(E) 20 1/2 in. long,2 pieces

(F) 18 in. long,2 pieces

(G)12 in. long,8 pieces

(H)10 in. long,2 pieces

(I) 6 in. long,2 pieces

(J) 4 1/2 in. long,2 pieces

(K) 1 1/2 in. long,12 pieces

PVC pipe fittings, 1/2 in. size

Type of fitting

6 pieces of 90 degree elbow

4 pieces of 45 degree elbow

16 Tees

2 Cross

8 tube clips

PVC cement

Wood board 12x32 In.

Old sheet or other fabric cut to size 1 piece 12x32 in., 1 piece 24x32 in.


Pipe shears or cutter

Measuring tape


Sandpaper or file

Felt-tip markers

Building Instructions

1. Cut all the pipe struts to the lengths needed and gather the right amount of connectors needed.

2. Follow the assembly drawing to fit all the pieces together befor you to start to glue anything.Temperarily wrap short strips of masking tape around the loose and twisting joints.

layout (32782)


3.When drying everything fits well, begin undoing, gluing, and rejoining one joint at a time, always checking that glue joints don't loosen while drying and the shape of the structure does not change. You can also use small srips of masking tape to hold the joints together and align the joints while they dry. Be sure to make adjustments before the glue dries.

4. The countertop can be mad efrom a length of pine shelving, or cut to size from a piece of plywood or hardboard. The pipe structure will hold the countertop in its place.

5. With an old sheet, cover the base of the bottom front and sides of the frame across the top. This will make the sign on top of the stand, before adding the cloth panels to structure it using the tube clips, draw your advertising message on the fabric with a felt-tip markars. Write in big bold letters "Lemonade" "Fresh Lemonade" something of that sort draw a picture of big lemon on the sign or on the base covering.


On windy days the stand may blow over, the sign will act like a sail and catch the wind, if the wind is more than a breeze remove the sign.


Making Lemonade


Knife for cutting the lemons

Cutting board

Juicer for squeezing lemons

Long-handed spoon for mixing

Large pot and serving ladle (gallon recipe) or quart jar with lid (for 16 ounce, by the-cup recipe)

Measuring spoons

Pitcher of water ( for 16 ounce, by the-cup recipe)



Granulated sugar

Ice cubes


To make a 16oz cup

1/2 a lemon,2-3 tablespoons of granulated sugar,3 ice cubes,enough water to fill the cup

To make a gallon

4-8 lemons,1/2 -1 cup of granulated sugar,24 ice cubes,3 quarts of water


1. Gather all items needed.

2. Cut lemons in half, take out the seeds, use a lemon juicer to gather the juice and pulp.Put the lemon juice and pulp into a 16 ounce drinking cup or pot.

3. Add suger,ice cubes,and enough water to almost filling the cup, or for the amount that needs to be made for a gallon.

4. Stir thoroughly and serve.



Be sure to put the price on your sheet on top were the advertising is

Put a few signs in the neighborhood during the times your open.The sign should say something like "Lemonade" with an arrow pointing towards your stand.

Distribute flyers in the neighborhood to tell people how your lemonade stand would be good for their yard sale.

Sell your lemonade for around .75 cents-.85 cents a cup. Your profit should be more than the cost of your ingredients.

Have fun!