You do not have to turn over the soil in order to start a new orgqnic garden bed. The no-till method requires no digging and builds healthy soil so you can grow healthy plants.

Things You Will Need

You will need, cardboard, compost, soil, seeds, a water source, a shovel maybe a wheelbarrow and seeds or seedlings.

Step 1

The first step is to determine how large your garden will be; to aid this process ask yourself how much time you have to spend gardening and then cut that by 30 minutes. Build a garden you can look after not one you are forced to negect.

Step 2

1- Water the site where you garden will go
2- Lay down cardboard- be sure to overlap edges, water
3- Add compost and soil
4- water
5- The first year work with shallow rooted plants (thyme, sedums, marigolds); salad greens are excellent; plant either seeds or seedlings, water

Step 3

Over the year, the cardboard will break down and you will be able to grow, tomatoes, peppers and so on in the second year. The purpose of not digging, besides reducing the work, is to not harm the many creatures living in the soil, earthworms for example, who help your garden grow.
No till or no dig gardening honours the reality that what a succesful gardener does is build soil and healthy soil means healthy plants. What you grow is up to you but this organic method gets your garden off to a great start.

Tips & Warnings

One piece of advice, get used to taking a regular stroll through your garden; why?- to see if there are any changes. Look at the flowers, check the leaves see, who or what is visiting, keep a journal if you like.

This way you can head off probelms before they bcome problems. Happy gardening.