Penny Stove

Building a stove that you can fit in your pocket is easy. This penny stove is an ingenious invention that can boil water in 5-10 minutes and makes a great side burner for your existing stove. This is the perfect project for a scout troop or anyone who loves camping.

Materials and tools

  • Thick book or piece of 1x4 wood
  • Penny
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Thumbtack
  • Utility knife blade

Start by removing all the paint from the outside of both soda cans and make sure they are the same brand from the same pack.

Attach the utility knife blade to the piece of wood with a screw or put it between the pages of a thick book so it does not move. Now place the bottom of the can flat on a table and begin to lightly spin the soda can against the blade. Do this 20-30 times until the can is cut all the way through then repeat for the other can.    

You should now have two can bottoms the same size. Stuff one of them with fiberglass insulation and then slowly and carefully press the two soda can bottoms together without denting them.

You can start to punch the holes once you press the two halves together. Start with one hole dead in the center and continue with four more around this hole. I should look like the five on a dice. Next punch 16 holes on the outside for the jets these holes should be equally spaced.

Fill the stove with Heet from the yellow bottle and place the penny in the center over the five holes. Now prime the stove by heating the bottom with a lighter until it is uncomfortably warm. Light the jets and set the stove down. It will be ready to cook in approximately thirty seconds.

You have just built a penny stove that will last you for years to come and at a fraction of the cost of a stove this size at a store. Who knows this compact stove could save your life someday or be the most useful thing in your bug out bag for doomsday.