Why Build A Survival Kit

Being prepared for an accident or natural disaster is about having a plan, being ready mentally, and having the supplies you need to survive in an easy to grab kit. That's what I am going to teach you how to make a good survival kit.

What To Pack


One of the most common problems in a disaster situation is the power going out. You don't want to get caught with your pants down in this situation so the first and most important thing to have in your survival kit is a flashlight. Whether you are outdoors or just trying to see around your own house it is important to keep at least one for every member of your family.

I suggest an LED Maglite. The LED bulbs last longer and are brighter than conventional light bulbs, and Maglite's heavy metal build make them a useful tool as well in case you need to defend yourself or need a blunt metal object.

FlashlightCredit: Public Domain


In the event of an emergency it is crucial to have a radio in your survival kit. A radio could be your only source of accurate, timely information. During a disaster NOAA and local radio stations will broadcast instructions, tips, and important information.

The best option is a portable crank radio with AM/FM and a dedicated NOAA channel. I suggest a crank radio so that you don't have to worry about batteries. The NOAA channel is also important because in some natural disasters local radio towers can become damaged or unmanned.

RadioCredit: Public Domain


During a crisis it is important to have basic tools in your emergency kit. We have already covered the large blunt object (Maglite) that could be used as a hammer, ram, defense tool, but it is also important to have a knife, pliers, saw, scissors etc.. for doing more delicate but still necessary tasks.

I suggest, instead of trying to keep up with a bunch of separate tools, putting a nice Multi-tool in the survival kit. Gerber and many other companies make single piece multi-tools that contain all of the tools listed earlier and more.

First aid kit

In a situation where a survival kit is necessary the chances of injury will go up. Also the availability of doctors and emergency response personnel will go down. That is why it is absolutely crucial that a first aid kit is included in your emergency kit. In the event of an injury having a well stocked first aid kit could save your life or the lives of your family.

Not any first aid kit will do. Select one that is well stocked, the more that is in your medical kit the more prepared you are. Also make sure it has an easily recognizable case so that any member of your family, your neighbors, or strangers could easily retrieve it.

First Aid KitCredit: Public Domain


Good ole fashion road flares. When all else fails they give off a lot of light, smoke a lot, burn when wet, and burn for a very long time. You can use a road flare to start a fire, light the way, or signal others. A couple of these thrown in your kit will do nothing but good.


All of these things have to go in something that is easy to grab and carry. The best option is a large sturdy backpack. Backpacks are easy to carry and can hold all of your gear, but make sure it is waterproof or at least water resistant. You wouldn't want everything in your survival kit ruined in the rain.


Here is a short list of other gear that should be in your survival kit and why.

Fork/knife/spoon - It is tough to eat without them.

Lighter/matches - In case it is necessary to start a fire.

Extra batteries - For the Flashlight and radio in case they die.

Water - Depending on the disaster you plan on surviving, bottles of water could save your life.

A List of important contacts and addresses.

A copy of your drivers license and birth certificate.

Any medications that may be necessary.

Also include anything you might need that could be specific to you or the area you live in, such as snake bite anti venom or large winter jackets/blankets.

I hope you enjoyed and follow this guide on how to build a survival kit. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to email me.