I love those beautiful sail ships of the olden days( now there are only smoking ships:( ). So I decided to carve a model ship complete with sailor's cabin, sails and a crow's nest. Next day I went out and bought some teak, took an X-acto knife and began work and gave up after two minutes!

So, I decided to go the easy way and used cardboard instead. Wanna know how to make a wooden sail ship without using any wood? Read on!

1. Making the framework...

Draw the shape of the floor of your ship on thick cardboard and cut it out.Then draw the center piece as viewed from the side of your boat or ship and cut it out. Make cuts on it every 2 cm or so and fix U shaped pieces of varying radii on it. Stick the floor piece on top. Check out the accompanying pics to get the proper idea. Next, cut a thin cardboard into the required shape and stick it onto the framework.

2. Making it look like wood..

Use the same thin cardboard. Cut it into thin strips of about 1 to 1.5 cm width and stick these onto the body. Use the same idea for the floor too.

3. Adding the cabin..

Cut out a piece of the thin cardboard and shape it into a box. Paste this onto the middle section of the floor. Now use the same technique of long strips to make it look like planks of wood.

4. Railings...

Cut toothpicks into smaller lengths and fix them onto the flooring along the edge. You can use m-seal or similar quick hardening paste. Now use a woollen thread to connect the toothpicks. Make two loops.

5. The only wood  used (apart from the toothpicks!)..

Use pencils to make masts and then use thin twigs or similar wooden sticks to make crosses on the mast. One pencil goes into the front. Three on top.

6. The crow needs a nest!

On top of the middle mast attach a circular disc with or without railing.

7. Sails...

Cut out the required shapes from cloth or canvas and attach them to the crosses.

8. Ropes and ladders...

Add a few ropes here and there!( I don't know where to add the ropes because I know nothing about sailing!) A few ladders too. Make an anchor too.

Now paint the ship and its ready to sail!( in your dreams..)

Basic Frame