internet marketing

One of the first steps to success in Internet marketing is to build a big list of email addresses and followers. Many would say once you have built a good quality list you have pretty much guaranteed a good amount of income from future sales. However, the big question is how you build this list in the first place. Here are a few tips to help you build that all important list.

1) Social Networking Sites

Sites such as Twitter and Facebook are one of the absolute keys to success in this game. You can create your own groups related to your niche and attract followers that way, or even look at other groups related to your niche and invite the people in there. That is pretty much as targeted as your going to get followers wise. The other great thing is that people check their social networking sites almost 24 hours a day. So you can always be in touch with your fan base, sometimes even quicker so then via emails.

2) Free E-books

A lot of people don't like to do this as once they have written an e-book they would prefer to start making money straight away for their hard work. However, this is pretty hard to do if you haven't got a list already. So write an ebook and give it away for free via your website in exchange for a users email address. It doesn't have to be your best work but it should be of such good quality that your user enjoys it and anticipates the next release which will obviously be for sale. If they have enjoyed the book enough they will even suggest friends get on your site and download it too and word of mouth can start to spread.

3) Article Marketing

Probably the oldest but still most reliable way of driving traffic towards your site. Write a really good, informative and high quality article that is related to your niche. When people search for things related to your niche its very likely that an article site will rank pretty high on Google and they will come across that much quicker then your own website. Obviously at the bottom of the article, leave a link to your website that they can follow and look at for more information. This can be good in other ways also as since you now have a link to your website on a high authority site it means the search engines will take your site more seriously and rank you even higher for your niche. Not easy, but if you submit enough articles this should happen over time.

So there you have the 3 best ways to build your list. Stick to these and throw in your own personal ideas and you should have a strong internet marketing list in next to no time. Then the world is your oyster my friend!