How to buy MascaraHow to buy Mascara

Finding that perfect mascara that both fits your needs and looks good on you at the same time can be difficult. There are so many types of mascaras available to purchase these days that deciding on a mascara to buy can be very overwhelming. I have put together some helpful hints that women should keep in mind when shopping for the perfect mascara.

What to look for when purchasing Mascara

Not only do you have to decide on a particular brand of mascara, but you also have to keep in mind the length and shape of the mascara brush as well as the color of mascara that would look the best on you. Make sure to not test the mascara in the store as it is not smart to use a mascara applicator that others may have used. You can of course look at the color and brush of the mascara, but for any further testing you may want to check with a beauty consultant before making a decision.
a. The Mascara Brush- This is one of the most important things to look at when buying mascara. Many of us have a favorite mascara that we may only buy, however it may just be the brush in the mascara that we love and not the actual mascara itself. Try using your favourite mascara's brush in another mascara tube to see if it is the acutual mascara that you love or if it is in fact the brush. You may be able to purchase a cheaper mascara and simply replace the brush of the new mascara with your old one. (Note: Make sure to clean your mascara brush frequently to reduce the change of getting bacteria on the brush)
- Curved Brushes- Are the most favourable amongst women since they are allow you to coat more lashes at one time
- Straignt brushes- Are great for getting those hard to reach lashes at the corner of your eyes.

b. Water Proof Mascara- If you do not want to risk having raccoon eyes at the end of your day, then Water Proof Mascara would be your best bet. However keep in mind that Water Proof Mascara is very hard to take off and requires an oil based eye makeup remover in order to take it off efficiently. The constant scrubbing associated with the removal of this mascara may cause the skin arounf the eye area to sag over time.

c. Water-Soluble- This type of mascara is great for women that wear mascara on a daily basis. It is easy to remove with almost every eye makeup remover and reduces the amount of stress put around the eye area from having to scrub to get the mascara off.
d. Color of Mascara- When determining what color of mascara to buy consider your hair color. If you are a brunette a black color mascara may look flattering on you, while if you have blond hair you may want to consider using a brown mascara. If you already have think, dark lashes you may want to consider using a clear mascara. Mascara can come in almost every color imaginable, however for everyday use black and brown are the most popular and the most natural. Keep in mind that there are many different shades of black and brown mascara available to buy.
e. Hypoallergenic Mascaras- For people that tend to have skin irritations or frequent eye allergies when using makeup, a Hypoallergenic Mascara is best. These types of mascaras are also typically not tested on animals which means it more likely does not use ingredients that tend to irritate the eyes.

f. Mascara Formula's- There are many different types of mascara formulas available. It is up to you to decide which type of formula is the one that fits your look. Different types of formulas include:

1. Anti-Clumping Formulas- Tends to have silk as one of the ingredients. This is best for those that apply more then one coat on their lashes.

2. Thickening Formulas- These tend to have wax that alllow lashes to appear to be thicker. This type of mascara formula is perfect those that have thin lashes.

3. Lengthening Formulas- This type of formula will typically have the same ingredients as the thickening formula, however the brush included may be longer and have denser brushes.

When to Replace Mascara

Mascara should be replaced every 2-3 months since it tends to dry out. If you develop an eye infection or become ill you should consider throwing out your current mascara and buying a new one for use after the infection is gone.

Make sure to hold onto your receipt when you purchase your mascara. If the mascara is clumpy and dry when you purchase it then this should be returned to the store to be exchanged for a new one.

If a mascara irritates your eyes from its use then you should discontinue its use and think about purchasing a different brand or type of mascara.