So you decided to get a parrot but they are a couple of things you have to organize before you get him or her. First look for what type of parrot you want, if you are going to get a loud bird make sure that there aren't people who are going to complain when they make noise in the morning. Also if you are thinking about getting a large bird you will have to think about making some time to train them because they are very destructive (when I got my cockatoo bubbles the first thing he did as soon as I left him alone for one minute he destroyed my remotes). 


Okay you know what type of bird you want, but you still aren't ready for it yet now you have to get a cage. Basically what you look for in a cage is something the parrot is able to fly around in, for a larger bird it's better to get an outdoor aviary. Also consider were your bird comes from such as, if the parrot comes from a warmer climate it might not survive in an outdoor aviary.


Now go out and get your parrot, there are some things you have to look out for when getting your parrot. If the bird is fluffed up and sneezing while other birds are flying around you might want to take caution before buying it. This doesn't count for all hours of the day though because birds like to take a nap during the afternoon (my birds take a nap at 3:00pm). Also if it looks like a pair has bonded you shouldn't separate them because if you only take one the parrot will either be aggressive or depressed, so you should get them both or neither.


Now you have your parrot, but before you start patting it or try to teach it anything you should go into a nice quiet room (your bedrooms fine) find a place for it to sit and wait for it to get comfortable with its surroundings. As soon as it's comfortable it will start to move around and peck at things, now the first thing you should do is teach it to step on and of your arm. Basically all you do is hold your arm out in front of your parrot and say step up then slowly move your arm closer until it steps up, then put your arm back down and say step down. Do this a couple of times so it gets comfortable with you picking it up, then start taking it around the rest of the house.