Window treatments are a norm among many home owners. They are mainly popular for their decorative function but blinds can also help to perform useful functions like sheltering the home from sunlight. For people who want something that completely blocks the sun, you will need blackout blinds or shades to do the job. There are currently many models in the market and here is a rundown on some of the more distinct types that you might want to consider in your purchase.

Blackout roman shades: Roman shades are among the most common style of window blinds that you can find in homes. They have been around for quite a while and people are used to buying them. The blackout versions of such blinds allow them to be more tightly shut, thus completely darkening the room. You can find roman shades in a variety of materials from plain wood, bamboo, plastic etc. Among the different materials used, I recommend the use of blackout bamboo roman shades because bamboo is more eco friendly and also has anti bacteria properties, making them easier to clean and maintain.

Blackout cellular blinds: Cellular blinds have become popular more recently. They are sometimes called honeycomb shades due to the shape which some of the blinds have taken. These blinds have elegant designs and are a favorite among contemporary home owners who wants a cleaner and modern look for their windows. Cellular blinds also come in blackout versions where home owners can have the option of closing them more tightly.

Blackout mini blinds: Mini blinds are great for home or apartments where the windows are small. Given that most of our homes are indeed getting smaller, these types of blinds have become more relevant in recent times. Similar to the above, mini blinds can be made in bamboo, woven wood, plastic etc. How you choose the material depends on budget as well as the kind of look you are trying to create. For homes who want a natural feel, wood based material will be the best while plastic might look more appropriate for contemporary homes.

The ability to darken a room is important for people who need afternoon sleep. These might be folks who work night shift or elderly people who need afternoon naps. Whatever the reason, there are people out there who want a dark room and blackout blinds are the most effective ways to achieve that.