Cellular shades are an elegant form of window covering that looks great for the modern home. If you want to know more about these shades, read on to find out their benefits and what are the different models you can consider.

The biggest advantage of cellular shades is their insulation ability. They are made by joining tiny cells together to form a cellular structure with a layer of air trapped between the cell levels. It is this layer of air that creates the strong insulation capability, which can bring a number of benefits. Firstly, it reduces your electricity bills. This is because the shades will help to regulate the temperature of the room such that less air conditioning or heating is needed. Secondly, the insulation also helps to keep out the noise out of your home and creates a more quiet environment.

Another advantage of cellular shades is their beautiful design. Due to the way they are built, the shades look like a honeycomb when viewed from the side. This creates a very modern look that can fit it well with homes which have a contemporary home decor theme.

Currently, there are many models available that provide different functionalities. No matter what you need, there will a model that suit your purpose.

Cordless cellular shades: these type of shades come with no strings. Rather they work via a spring mechanism. Users simply have to push the bar at the bottom or top of the window to bring the shades up or down. The benefit of cordless cellular shades is that they are safer for homes with young children. Each year, there have cases reported where young toddlers were suffocated to death due to being caught by the strings of window shades. By removing these string mechanisms, cordless shades can eliminate this home hazard completely.

Black out cellular shades: for people who want a darker room during the daytime, these blackout shades are the ideal choice. They comes with a light filtering mechanism that blocks out the sunlight and can darken a room completely. This is ideal for people who needs to sleep during the day such as the elderly or someone who works the night shift.

Top down bottom up cellular shades: this type of shades allow the user to choose whether to open the shades from the top and bottom. For people who wants more privacy and yet desires some sunlight, this shade is the ideal fit for what they want.

I hope for anybody who wants to buy cellular shades, this has been a useful read.