Best Ways to Bypass School and Office Internet Web Filters

Unblock Fortiguard Web filter using Small Software like Ultrasurf

Internet web filters are always installed on networks to prevent access to all famous websites like facebook, myspace ,orkut or twiiter. Mainly all those websites on which people spend many hours surfing the internet. These web filters have categories under which they block websites. Websites like gmail, softpedia or any games websites can be blocked.

However there are always methods and ways to bypass and unblock all these filters and surf the internet freely. There are many famous web filters which you can easily see in your university or offices protecting the network from unauthorised access to other webpages.

Some of the Filters are:

  • Fortiguard Web filtering Services
  • Websense Web filtering
  • Nortong Web filtering
  • Safe Eyes

These are some of the best softwares used to protect network.

Now Let's know how we can bypass and unblock all webpages on these networks via various methods

  • Use of proxy websites : There are tons of proxy websites out there on internet through which you can surf the internet easily.
  • Use of webpage Translation Service : Use It's the best.
  • Use of https instead of http: It simply means using the secure connection.

Some of the softwares that we can use to bypass and disable internet web filters are:

  • Ultrasurf 9. 8 7 6 - Ultrasurf comes in many versions. Ultrasurf is portable. You can take it in pendrive and you can use it anywhere. There is no need to install. It's very small in size exe file. You have to just double click it. Click on Connect and once it connects to its server you can easily surf the internet.
  • Freegate - It has some limit. In many countries all websites do not open. You can open some websites like facebook but every website will not open. It is also a portable software.
  • Hotspot Shield- It is one of the best VPN software I have seen. Once you install it and click on connect then it will create a VPN connection to its server and you can surf.
  • Puff the Magic Dragon - It is also best and portable. Youtube buffering is very good by this software. Simply click on connect and surf the internet without any restriction.

They are all best in bypassing the web filters and will help you surf the internet easily. Hope you will enjoy surfing the internet.