A baby comes to the earth crying.Its a thrilling experience to the parents to hear their baby crying for the first time. But as the baby starts crying frequently the happiness gives way to frustration. Calming a down a newborn baby is a hard task for many parents. Here are a few tips to calm your crying newborn baby.

Things You Will Need

baby carriers, diapers

Step 1

Crying is the only way a baby can express its feelings to the outside world as it cannot speak. Most of the time, The baby may be crying because it can be hungry, thirsty or feeling physically uncomfortable. Most of the time a crying newborn can be calmed by fulfilling its basic needs.

Step 2

Your baby may be feeling lonely and may be trying to attract your attention. Be in physical contact with a parent can calm the baby. Hold the baby to your chest for a while. The warmness and the sound of the heartbeat will help calming a crying baby.

Step 3

Many babies doesn't like a calm and quiet world. For nine months,they are used to the sound of heartbeat and blood flowing. Any machine with a continuous rushing sound will calm most of the crying babies. Switching on a fan or a washing machine will help it calm down.

Step 4

Take your baby to new places. Sleeping in the same place can be quite boring for many babies.Take her and go for a walk or a car ride. This will help to calm a crying newborn baby.

Step 5

A newborn baby requires at least 18 hours of sleep. Many babies sleep during daytime and wakes up in the night when others are sleeping. Keep your baby awake in the evening so that it sleeps comfortably in the night.

Step 6

A baby may be crying because of gas pain. In that case, lay him down across your knees and gently rub its back. This technique can be used to calm a crying newborn if it suffers from gas problems.

Step 7

If the baby cries continuously, it may be sick. Keep your baby comfortable and go to a doctor.

Tips & Warnings

Don't shake newborn's head. It can cause serious brain damage.