How to care for wavy to curly hair. Step by step guide and tips to have great looking curls. How to avoid frizz and flyaways.

Things You Will Need

Shower/bath (preferably a warm bath) Moisturizing conditioner Your favorite gel or mouse - I recommend 'got2b hair glue' 1-3 hair elastics towel a wide tooth comb (optional)

Step 1

DO NOT SHAMPOO YOUR HAIR! Infact - step 1 is throw out your shampoo and vow never to use it on your beautiful curls EVER again! It strips your hair of oils & moisture.

Step 2

Get in the shower or bath and let your hair soak up some nice warm (not hot) water. Give it at least 5 minutes to rinse out products you may have used and to allow the hair shafts to open and absorb the moisture.

Step 3

Ring out excess water from hair and apply your conditioner. I personally use Pantenes curl formula - I love the smell and it makes my hair soft, shiny & smooth. I've also had luck with Doves moisturizing formula, and believe it or not I'm using Suaves green apple conditioner right now to give my hair a break from the pantene (i find switching products every so often makes my favorites work better when I go back, so if your favorite hasn't been working as well lately just change it up!)

Step 4

Let conditioner sit in hair for at least 3 minutes. I usually give it 5 - and that's after I use my fingers to comb out any knots. So use this time with the conditioner in your hair to your advantage and use a comb or your fingers to separate the curls and untangle (gently!) any knots.

Step 5

Rinse out conditioner.

Step 6

Gently pat hair dry with towel. Try not to disturb the curls. You want to get out the excess water without disturbing the curl pattern the water 'created'. What I do is separate the hair down the middle, so it's either on my right or left in front of me, head tilted forward. I put the towel around the hair on the right and starting at the 'top' (closest to roots) I gently squeeze the excess water out. Same with left side. Do it 2-3 times so it's damp, but not dripping.

Step 7

Re-apply conditioner. Depending on your hair length use less or more. I have long hair and use about a half dollar sized amount on each side (right/left) of my head, but depending on your length and thickness you may need much less or maybe even more. You want it to be thinly dispersed throughout your hair-especially on frizzy trouble spots ( I typically have them in the back around ear-level).

Step 8

Now you want to apply your gel or mousse. I use 'got2b hair glue' when I want perfect curls that are soft and hold their shape. Try to separate & coat individual curls. If you try the hair glue please do not underestimate it's ability - you only need a little to go a long way. I only used about a half dollar worth of product for my whole head (and I typically use much more than directions advise!).

Step 9

Flip your head over & let hair hang down. Start from the ends and scoop hair up toward your scalp. This will help form/define tighter curls. Do this several times, scrunching it close to scalp. Now pull all of it together it a bun with the curls all scrunch tight in there and use hair elastics to hold in place on the top of your head. It looks silly but if you leave it that way over night to dry you'll have incredible, bouncy curls the next morning when you remove the elastics!! *dont use a hair dryer!* always let curls airdry-seriously, it helps! Hope this helps! This is also a great way to help wavy hair find real defined curls!

Tips & Warnings

*Don't shampoo! *Don't use a hair dryer - even one with a diffuser