Warning signs of a cheat

catch cheaterSo you think your partner is cheating on you. You have reason to believe they have been unfaithful. You want to know how to catch a cheating spouse.The warning signs of a cheat are usually evidence of infidelity. It's time you found out the truth and ended the web of lies.You deserve better.

There are usually a few things you will begin to notice if your partner has been unfaithful. Their normal routine may change.Their behaviour may change.Their attitude towards you may turn sour. They may become distant and withdrawn from intimacy.You know them more than most, so if you believe in your heart that something is not right, you might closer to finding out the truth.

A cheat thinks they are smart. They think they have not been seen or heard, and most likely, that you haven't noticed anything. If you want to catch a love rat you need to stay one step ahead. Sooner or later you will get the proof you need and their little secret will be out in the open.

Track Suspicious Online Activity With Keylogger software

If you have access to his/her PC you could easily install keylogger software. This type of software is a nightmare for cheats as it will show you what their online movements are. Once installed it might be unable for them to detect. They would carry on communicating with other men/women while the software secretly feeds you that information. It records usernames and passwords for every site they visit. If you think they are sending emails to arrange secret meetings you would easily be able to log in and read, word for word, what was sent.

The features of individual key logger software will vary, but the objective remains the same; to record the online activities of your partner.

Private investigator/Detective

Hiring a professional detective could be a good option for you. If you don't have the time to follow your partners movements, they could do it for you. An easy way to catch a cheat is to follow them when they go out or leave from work. If they have someone else on the side, at some point they have probably lied to you about where they are going. If you follow them you would definitely catch them in the act. Most cheats think the easiest opportunity to have an affair is when they have left work. They could go and meet someone, arrive home late and spin you a little lie about traffic or piles of paperwork. Speak to a private detective and see what they can do for you.

Vehicle GPS tracker

Vehicle GPS trackers can expose the location of a car anywhere in the world. Most can show the location in real-time (it is most advised to buy one that does). They are small devices that are usually installed on a car (although some may not need installation, only placed somewhere in the car). The size will vary depending on the manufacturer. Don't let the installation deter you from using one to catch your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you act smart you could arrange for it to be installed or do it yourself while your partner is away from their car.

While they are at work check to see if their car is usually parked away from the building. It would give you the opportunity to get the GPS tracker installed without them suspecting a thing. To play it safe, make sure you are nowhere near their car at break or lunch time. Who knows, they may want to get something from their car and you wouldn't want them to see you hovering over it when they do.

Vehicle trackers could help you expose an affair because it will show you exactly where your partner is going. Over time you will see if they keep going to the same place and you could ring them while they are there. If they lie about their whereabouts then they are probably doing something they shouldn't.

Cell phone tracking software for GPS enabled mobile phones

If a vehicle GPS tracker is not your thing then consider a cell phone GPS tracker. The ability is similar to the vehicle tracker except it will only track cell phones that have GPS enabled. Most modern phones have this feature, particularly smart phones.

A cell tracker may be a better option over a vehicle tracker. Most people carry their cell phones everywhere. A vehicle tracker would show the location of the car which is no good if your husband/wife parks their car and goes into a hotel. It would be harder to find him/her and catch them in the act. A mobile phone tracker would give you their exact location. There's no way they would leave their phone in their car right?

Test Them With A Decoy

A great alternative to a private investigator is a decoy. These are women or men who pretend to be sexually interested in your spouse to see how they react. Decoy's flirt with them and suggest they want something more. To be blunt they dangle the bait and see if your spouse tries to bite. If you have no way of proving your other half is unfaithful, consider using a decoy to test them instead.

I hope that these ideas to catch a cheating spouse help you find out the truth. If your suspicions turn out to be real, just focus on the positives. They can't deceive you anymore, you can move on with your life, if you choose to, and find someone better.