Celebrate this great day with friends





I believe that St Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland. St Patrick's Day was Celebrated in Ireland as a religious day and declared a holiday on the 17th March every year. They have street parades all over the world to celebrate this day.

My parents were both English and therefore never celebrated this day, it was not until years later when our children were growing up that I appreciated this really fun day celebration. I was lucky enough to score the job of screen printing the tee shirts for an Irish Pub.I was hooked from that time.

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Planning the menu

Corned Beef and cabbage - From what I can gather the best choice is corned beef and cabbage. Don't forget to toss in the onions, carrots and of course a few cloves.Some people actually cook this in orange juice, instead of water.

Shepherd's pie – This is a simple to make. It consists of mince, onions, carrots and a variety of extra veggies of your choice.Cook these up and thicken.Turn out into a pie or baking dish.Then top with mashed potatoes, you can add slices of tomatoes and top off with grated cheese on top.Place in the oven to give it a golden melted cheese look.

Green Cakes

If you are really keen buy a shamrock cake cutter and ice these little cakes with green icing. Or make a large cake and add shamrocks or Leprechaun figurine images to the top.

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Green Drinks

Now it is starting to get interesting- You cannot Celebrate St Patrick's Day without green drinks. You can have green cordial or lime cool drinks for the children.

The adults must have the green beer or green wine. Just add a little green food coloring to each glass before pouring. Do not forget the Guinness Stout, this is a must, and it can have a bit of a kick to it so watch out for the hangover the next morning. Because this drink is virtually black you cannot make it look green.

But Hey! That doesn't stop you from serving the drinks on green trays and in green glasses, right.


The Blarney stone – Add this for a novelty and a bit of fun and because no St Patrick's Day would be complete without it. Find a rock in your backyard and give it a splash of green paint. Put this in the entry to the guest area and have the guests kiss it as they enter. It is said to add the hope of gaining more eloquent speech.


Irish music

Now to really get with the spirit of St Patricks day we definitely need music. And yes of course it has to be Irish music.

What about the toe tapping river dance, Irish eyes are smiling, In the gloaming, I'll take you home again Kathleen and, of course there are hundreds more to choose from and enjoy.

Hair Coloring

Yes you can even get carried away and color your hair green. I upset a friend of mine by sneaking up behind him and putting green coloring all through his hair. Guess what? I was not too popular for a little while, although after a few guinesses he started to see they funny side of it.

Dressing up in Green Irish Clothes

We cannot all look like lepracorns although the kids will probably love to dress up to look like these wee people.

We could find a big green hat or green clothes and cut out a big shamrock from a piece of felt.

Dressing up for this occasion can really add to the fun of the occasion.


There are many games you could play. Although I would be careful not to play darts although you should set this up over in one corner out of harm's way. Of course the darts would all need to have green flights on them of course.


My only other suggestion may be to have this on a Saturday, especially if you end up with a headache. Remember you will still have to clean up the morning after.  Above all make it a real fun place to be and enjoy yourselves.


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