Many fathers are currently not allowed to see their kids due to either lack of child support payment or it's the best for the child. Due to the fact that you might not be seeing you child on their birthday leads to many days of depression. Now there might not be a possibility to celebrate your child's birthday, there are ways to celebrate it by your self. Making sure your keeping your child's memory alive is a good way to deal with the lost of visiting during their birthday. I will discuss different ways you can celebrate and have fun on their birthday. Some of the options may seem trivial, but to some people acting out the situation can ease the pain that is occurring.

Buy a cake and celebrate with friends and Family

If you have the opportunity, you could purchase a cake and some balloons. Decorate you house and invite some close friends or relatives to celebrate your child's birthday. Make sure if the guest wants to bring a present, that they understand that it will most likely have to be mailed down. If the friends invited to the party know your child, they could share some positive thoughts about them. Filming and sending the party could me a nice touch for the child. Being able to see that their Dad still loves them and thinks about them means a lot.

Write a card or a letter.

Writing can be so therapeutic at times. If your child is old enough to read, create a homemade card showing it their birthday. Drawing of pictures adds a little fun and excitement. Be sure the parental figure in charge of your child has given prior approval to receive letters. The chance that the letter might not reach the child is a possibility, but knowing your doing your best is what matters.

Make a birthday phone call.

If the opportunity is allowed make a birthday phone call to your child. Being able to her you child's voice can up lift and fathers bad day. Knowing there might be a possibility to talk, make a list of questions you would like to ask. Signing of Happy Birthday to you is a must. Try to communicate with her on what toy she would like and ask how her birthday went. If no one answers it is the perfect opportunity to leave a Happy Birthday message. The parental figure might allow the child to hear it.

One must understand that memories are what we live. If there is no chance to see your child, using these tips might help the feelings that are circling around inside of you. Don't ever give up on the opportunity to see your child. The laws are old and need to be change, but until they are try to keep your hopes up. I am not writing this from research but experience. I will continue to celebrate my daughter's birthday like this until back child support is paid off. Like I said before don't give up.