Hello everyone, and welcome to my first article. In this how-to article I'm going to show you how to change someone's hair color in Adobe Photoshop. This is very fun to play a good prank on your friends for example.

Things You Will Need

Adobe Photoshop (CS3 or higher will do)
A picture of someone with hair

Step 1

Choosing your 'victim' First of all, we have to select a picture of someone with hair. You can use a self-made picture or find one on the internet. I am using a picture of Lady Gaga. Now open up Photoshop (I am using Photoshop CS5, CS3 and CS4 will do just fine) and open your picture.

Step 2

Mask Mode on To start, click on the 'Edit in mask mode' button. It is find in the left bottom corner. You can always use the shortcut on your keyboard, which is 'Q'. When you selected Mask Mode, you can see the mask mode button being pressed in. Just like on the picture. When you are in Mask Mode, select the Brush tool. This is find in the menu or by pressing 'B'. Now lets go to the next step

Step 3

Now you have to 'select' everything you want to change the color of. This is simply done by brushing over the parts you want to select. The selected parts will turn in transparent red. Select every single bit of the hair you want to colorize, be sure to be patient!

Step 4

Selecting the inverse Once you have selected all the hair you want to colorize, you have to get out of Mask Mode. Do this by pressing on the Mask Mode button again, or by pressing 'Q'. Once you have done this you will see everything selected except the parts you've just masked. We want the inverse of course. To fix this, Go to 'select' in the top menu, and then select 'inverse', or press Control+Shift+I.

Step 5

The correct settings Now that we've got our selection how we want it, we're going to have some fun! First, click on 'Layer' in the top menu, then 'New Fill Layer' followed by 'Solid Color...'. If you did this correctly, a new window will pop-up. Here you can give the New Layer a name, I am going to name mine 'Hair'. Leave everything how it is ('Leave previous layer to create clipping mask' unchecked, Color: none, Opacity: 100%). The only thing you have to change is the 'Mode'. Click on 'Normal' next to 'Mode', a menu will roll-out, select 'Soft Light' out of this menu. Finally click Ok.

Step 6

Choosing the color, it's fun! Finally, changing the hair color! When you followed all the steps correctly, again a new window will pop up. This time you have to select a 'Solid Color'. When you select a color, you will see a live preview on the actual picture. Select the color you want, when you got it just click 'Ok' and you're finished!

Step 7

The result! Above, you can see my result! Pretty neat right? Let's hope yours will look even better!
I hope everything worked out just fine, if not please leave a comment or send me a private message!
Have fun with Photoshop!

Tips & Warnings

This will not change the hair color in real life!