Many are interested to learn how to change the background of their pictures. But they find it difficult to do. Well, this article will teach you the simplest steps of how to do it.

Things You Will Need

Adobe Photoshop
Picture you want to edit
Picture of desired background.

Step 1

Save the two pictures on your DESKTOP so you would easily find them.

Step 2

Press+hold control(Ctrl) then click the two pictures. they will be highlighted.

Step 3

Right-click the highlighted icons and click "open with" then choose Adobe photoshop.

Step 4

When the photoshop is open, you will see the two pictures there. Make sure they will fit their sizes. To resize pictures, click "image" placed at the upper-left corner and choose "image size"
Press OK after adjusting images.

Step 5

Click the picture you want to edit and use "clone stamp" placed on the left side of the photoshop. (make sure that the stamp is in the "normal mode" and oppacity is 100%)
Place the stamp on your picture. (you can adjust the diameter of your stamp by clicking the right button of your mouse)

Step 6

Press "Alt" then click the face on your picture.

Click the blue tab at the top of your desired background then place the stamp on the area you want to put your face at then start cloning it by one click+hold then move the mouse in any direction till the person on the photo is fully transferred on the desired background. (you can pess Ctrl+Z to undo)
Press S and start erasing the excess cloning.

Step 7

When you're done changing the background, click "File" at the upper left corner and choose "Save as" then click "Desktop" and type the name you want for the new picture then click save.

Step 8

You can now close the photoshop and go to your desktop to check for your newly made photo.
Easy as that, you can learn more about graphic arts.

Tips & Warnings