Today crystals and gemstones are gaining increasing popularity in metaphysical and meditative sense. People are able to recognize more and more that these members of the mineral realm can be used not only for decoration, but also as support in everyday life. Indeed they are helpful tools in meditation, self-growth and self-realization. Therefore, it is of great importance to learn how to handle your stones with proper care.

Things You Will Need

Good will is the only resource needed for meditation and for charging your crystals.

Step 1

Even if you are not intended to doing any metaphysical practice, you can give it a try and learn how to charge your gemstone jewelry. In turn, your jewelry stones and crystals, even the stones attached to your wedding bridal jewelry, will start working for you. You do not need even to be fully aware of the whole process. Crystals and stones are known to be able to absorb and give off frequencies from and to the surrounding space. This is a very important characteristic of your crystal which, if properly programmed, can irradiate on your behalf beneficial energies all the time.

Step 2

How should we charge our crystals and why? There are many ways of doing it, and from what I can see various people have various techniques, but all operation with crystals should come down to three most important points. I will come to that in a moment, but please note that first thing you should do with your crystals and semi precious stones is cleansing or purification, especially with the ones that have been extensively used for whatever purposes, or if they are new one coming directly from the jewelry shop, gift shop or minerals store. This is a huge subject per se, and I will not go into detail, if you are interested what are the methods for cleaning crystals, you can check this by reading the linked article.

Step 3

The next step is the actual charging. After you have cleansed your stones, they are ready to be energized. Charging is a form of energizing, so you need a source of energy for that. This is the energy they are going to absorb, and later on irradiate all around themselves. You need as clean and pure an energy as possible, that is, you would need the energy of the Sun, Moon, running water, or sea water. You can also charge it with pyramids, with sound and artificial light. The choice is up to you. It also depends on the actual purposes of that stone or gemstone for later metaphysical use.

I hope I have helped you how to do the charging of your crystals. This is a very important step and if done properly, the third stage, which is crystal programming, will be much more easy. But if you plan to use it in meditation, your crystal or stone I recommend to charge it by using only your thoughts. Some of you might have noticed that If your thoughts are depressing and black, your crystals easily assume muddy appearance and dullness. The power of your thoughts is great, and the power of your positive thoughts is even greater. So close your eyes and relax yourself while holding your crystal in your hands. Imagine your crystal in pure white light. The greater your power of imagination, the stronger the process of energizing will be.

Tips & Warnings

For meditative purposes you can use pure quartz, diamond, amethyst, green amethyst stones, penakite, blue topaz or citrine.

Your crystals can be your good friends and can work for you in the background cleaning your aura and your living space if you know how how to treat them the right way.